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    Battle Standard Rework

    I recently bought the Hoodoo Bundle and Empire Bundle. I have no regrets about my purchase, but it seems that the standards that are included are rather lackluster. They have a very small range and large debuffs for your team if they are destroyed. (I haven't yet tested those debuffs, but what I have heard is that the Baron Samedi's Standard deals half of their max health to boosted undead companions when destroyed, and the Imperator's Standard reduces the accuracy of and immobilizes boosted birds.) Furthermore, most undead aren't that good, and you'll find it difficult to stock your team with birds. The only reason the Beastmaster banners are good is because they have unlimited range and buff a type that can be summoned en masse (nefarious staff, fall champion weapons). I suggest making the standards a "build-around" for your team, that is, you can pick the meta companions or choose a standard and utilize companions that fit its theme. My suggestion is as follows:

    1. All standards have infinite range. 1-2 squares means the enemy can just run away. This means they either have to devote resources to taking out the standard or fight through it.

    2. Reduce/eliminate penalties for standard destruction. You're already spending an item slot and a turn to set up something that can be destroyed, and furthermore is vastly important to your strategy. It shouldn't nuke/immobilize your team in addition to these sacrifices.

    3. Scale standard effects to the number of units your pirate brings that matches the standard type. Currently I can just throw down nefarious scorpions with a beastmaster banner, and none of my other companions need to be beasts. With this change, you would actually need to bring companions that match the standard type to get the maximum benefit. One companion would receive a small buff from the standard, two would both receive a medium buff, and three would get a strong buff to each companion. I think that 50% of current value for one companion, 75% for two, and 100% for three would be fair, but I'm open to discussion on the numbers. Summons would receive buffs for matching the standard type but would NOT be counted towards the scaling; that is locked in by companion choice at the start of the battle. In the case of the class banners, your pirate would not scale the banner as well but would receive buffs from being the proper class as well.

    This means that the Imperator’s Standard and Baron Samedi’s Standard can be balanced with other options (read: not trash) and banners overall can promote more interesting combat styles. I believe this would be balanced since the class banners aren’t terribly broken and affect all companions of a class (it’s probably more viable to bring three musketeers than three undead) and the extra strength of the banner will likely balance itself with the weaker companions.



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