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    Through Storms and Disasters

    She was a foundling: a babe left on the stoop of an orphanage by some fool couple who thought Skull Island could be a place for a child. There was no memory for her to cling to of a family, only the rotten wood of a building where even the youngest were more than half-dead. It didn't take much to inspire her to leave, even as a young child. But on the streets, there were nights she would go hungry, her only lullaby her growling stomach. She avoided fights and listened to the patterns of gossip, knowing where to step and what to avoid. Her youth had long been taken by the realities of being unwanted.

    But she was not all unwanted: she was small, and she was quiet, and she had quick and clever hands. And, well, an unscrupulous pirate could make good money from it. The captain found her stealing morsels to eat on a foggy night, pilfering crew rations in order to soothe her aching stomach. Were she older, he'd show no mercy, but tiny and scrubby little child found pity in his heart. She still had to earn her keep, o' course, but he'd take her in.

    Now every night she had food, and on nights she had successes of thievery and sneaking she ate like royalty. They gave her a name because everyone should have a name: little Misty, clever Misty, her name like the weather of the night. She slept on a cot and if she got too dirty she'd be forced to bathe. She sang pirate songs with them and tried new things and was welcomed and wanted as she had never been before.

    Her family were wharf-rats and pirates, and in Skull Island that didn't get them many strange looks.

    But happiness is a fleeting, fragile thing. Pirates fought, with each other and with the Armada. Life was dangerous, and oh, she had learned that. It woke her in the middle of the night, the smell of smoke, and she screamed until she was hoarse as she tried to wake the crew. They had been drugged, something in their Yum, and only she and the Captain had not had any of the drink. The Captain forced her onto their lifeboat, then dragged as much of his crew as he dared before the four of them - Captain, Misty, and two unconscious shipmates - were cut loose.

    And the child, who only days before had been celebrating what had been chosen as her tenth birthday, sobbed into his jacket. That night was the last night Misty would ever speak again, traumatized as she was.

    Captain did not let Misty be without communication, however. He knew of a thing called sign language, and he both learned it and taught it to her. She had a way to communicate in her silence, and she was still her clever, little self. But within six months, he fell sick from his exertion on the flaming, smoking ship, and deteriorated rapidly.

    Without Captain, they needed another crew. The two elder shipmates helped Misty find one, but all three would be separated. On their last night together, one gave her a map. "It's magic, y'see," they explained, tracing their finger along the lines of borders. The map lit up, bright as the stars in the night sky. "It'll lead you to a great treasure, if you can solve its riddle. And on its way, it'll show ya smaller ones."

    Smaller ones like a treasure held by the Armada; smaller ones that left Misty accused of treason and locked in the brig of a ship. She still had her map, hidden in her clothes, though they had taken her weapons.

    They had thrown her in the cell with the only other prisoner able to understand sign language. Was it intentional? It was hard to say, considering the nature of the clockworks.

    A sudden explosion rocked the ship. She could feel it in her bones, and she sat up. Fire. Heat. Flames. Even her fingers went mute at it. It was too much like memory. She grasped at the iron bars, peering forward to see a human and a monkey descend the stairs.

    "Is this the prisoner we're looking for?" the monkey asked, blinking at her. She blinked back.

    "Hard to say. You, there! You're standing on my blind side. Are ye a boy, or a girl?" She thought the human could just as easily turn so she was no longer on his blind side, but then, he probably wouldn't be here if he was intelligent. Attacking an Armada ship!

    "Well?" the human demanded, "Mr. Gandry, am I looking at a mannequin?"

    "It would be one life-like mannequin," the monkey - Mr. Gandry - replied. She stuck her tongue out at him and pulled down her left eyelid. He recoiled, scowling at her.

    "She's a girl." The goose with which she shared her cell spoke in a voice dripping with exhaustion. "She doesn't speak."

    "Doesn't speak? How strange!" the human murmured. He shook his head. "Either way! What's yer name?" He paused a moment, then looked over at the goose. "What's HER name? Wait, do ye know?"

    "It's Misty," the goose said, "And I'm Egg Shen. She speaks with her hands - there's a language. Sign language."

    "Ohh!" The human nodded, but his expression was still confused. "Ah, I suppose - it was so long ago, and ye were so small at the time... You wouldn't remember yer parents, now would ye? No, not yer human ones, not one bit."

    She recoiled, physically, her hands flying. She signed the same sign, over and over again, shaking her head.

    "What's she doing?" the human on the other side of the bars grumbled, squinting and leaning forward.

    "She appears to be shaking her head and using her hands... signing, was it, Boochbeard?" Mr. Gandry offered.

    "She's signing 'orphan' repeatedly," Egg Shen said, reaching out a wing before pulling it back. She seemed so distressed, and over something that was so small... but it wasn't small at all to her, was it? Not with that reaction.

    "Well, yes, her parents are -"

    The ship rocked with another explosion.

    "Hurry it up!" Mr. Gandry hissed, holding onto one of the bars on the cell door.

    "Right, right! So who raised ye, then? Where'd ye grow up?" Boochbeard asked.

    "Says she grew up on Skull Island. Captain Altier Graybeard and his crew raised her," Egg Shen translated, his eyes on her fingers. She signed faster than anyone he had seen before, but he was still the only one who could understand her.

    "And how ye'd end up in the brig? What crime did the Armada arrest ye for?"

    "Treason. That's all she's signed," Egg Shen reports.

    Boochbeard nodded sagely. "So ye are who we seek. Now let's get you out of this confounded cell. There's piratin' to be done!" He pulled hard on the lever. The door opened only partway, jamming up. Even so, there was just enough for Misty and Egg Shen to squeeze through.

    Mr. Gandry paused, looking at her. "You know, you are the spitting image of your mother." The words were like fire, smoke blinding her, and she ran as if the hounds of the underworld pursued her. She had no mother.

    The four of them ran up the stairs, and there stood a clockwork man: the one and only Spymaster of the Armada.

    "What's this?" he asked, leaning forward with some shock, "Boochbeard! Trying to steal my prize, you menace?"

    "Deacon!" Boochbeard growled.

    "Our jailor!" Egg Shen hissed, "Clockwork menace, you'll pay for imprisoning us!"

    "I think not," Deacon said, snorting. "The prisoner must not be allowed to escape. Take them!"

    The prisoner, not prisoners. Misty noted the word choice, and then all was forgotten as battle angels swooped down. Elegant, beautiful pieces of machinery. Boochbeard shoved an ancient sparquebus and a sword in her hands. She aimed and shattered one, and never in a million years would Misty ever admit it was a lucky hit.

    Egg Shen strode with confidence, dismantling one with ease. The third shot at Misty, but she rolled out of the way and retaliated with a sword slicing it in two. She breathed heavily, falling back to stand with Egg Shen.

    "That was impressive," he murmured close to Misty's ear, "It's been called impossible to dodge a Battle Angel's shot." She grinned at him, inclining her head in acknowledgment of his compliment.

    "Not so fast," Deacon said, "Do you think you can defy the might of the Armada?"

    More enemies flooded the ship, strange clockworks that Misty didn't recognize.

    "What... what are those?" Mr. Gandry asked in a trembling voice, meaning that apparently, nobody else recognized them either.

    "Surrender! Don't make me destroy you," Deacon said. His voice was terrible and smug, fully confident and assured of his victory.

    But Boochbeard laughed. "Oh, don't bother. LADS - FIRE!" He shot his own sparquebus into the air, and a cannon slammed into the deck of the ship. The shattered clockworks twitched and sparked. Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry sprinted for a rope, and Egg Shen and Misty didn't hesitate to join them. Soon the four were on Boochbeard's ship, fleeing the carnage of the Armada's smoking ship. Just one of many, but still, Misty couldn't help but feel proud.

    "Let's get ye back to Skull Island and Avery," Boochbeard said. He started to guide the ship to port.

    It didn't take long at all before they landed, and Egg Shen and Misty both disembarked. The ship then took off, Boochbeard off to some other crazy adventure. She shook her head. The name was familiar. There were legends...

    "Let's stick together," Egg Shen said, "I'll follow you. The last thing I want is to be caught alone again."

    Misty shrugged but didn't protest. Instead, she started walking. Up the many dock stairs, and then - not to Avery, not yet, not before she was ready for Avery. Instead, she went to the abandoned homestead and climbed up to its roof. She sat there. Egg Shen looked up at her and then attempted to follow her. He slipped.

    In a moment, her hands grasped his wings and he kicked on the wall as she pulled him up. He landed on top of her, where he was roughly shoved off, but then the two of them settled onto the roof.

    Between the two of them lay a blanket of silence. Below, pirates scurried and rushed about. Skull Island was always busy, filled with so many people you could choke. All species and ages kept busy. Families who pirated, families who refused to leave, captains who pillaged, captains who helped others. It was filled with people of various morals and beliefs.

    For Misty, it was home, in the way that anything could be home when you're alone. For Egg Shen, it was a place that was new but that would hopefully be a safe haven.

    "You can call me -" Egg Shen broke off, speaking now with his hands. It was a bit of charades and a bit of sign language, but ultimately it was an egg falling to the ground and shattering to pieces. It made Misty grin, and then when she figured it out she howled with laughter. It was bright, and noisy, and happy.

    The two of them stayed on that roof for a little while, until Misty took his wing gently in her hand. And then she pointed, up towards Avery's Court. They could only put off meeting the master of the pirate haven for so long, after all. At least Misty already knew him.

    Strange word choices are intentional, dialogue may be stylized. Otherwise, feel free to leave constructive criticism. The only way to grow is to learn. Especially tell me about my characterization! OC's I'm fine with, but I can be inconsistent with pre-existing characters in a story, like Egg Shen and Boochbeard and Avery...

    I'm really bad at finishing things and notoriously unreliable, so we'll see what happens with this, especially since I've only paid for the areas up to book three, so once we get there, it's going to end. It'll be pretty off-game at that point, but I won't know about any areas to keep writing. I still have to finish buying areas in Wizard101. Help me, I'm an addict. Toby Fox owns my soul but KingsIsle owns my wallet.

    I wish actually. I'd probably be less broke than I am now.

    Either way, here's the start. I'll be adding posts as chapters are added. I have a tendency to hit character limits. This is short but that's because it's like 2:00 AM. It is absolutely not proofread in any way.
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