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    New Year, New Ideas

    It's a new year for Pirate101, which means I'm willing to forgive the lack of incoming, even if they end up doing something such as hastily assemble a conclusion that's been sitting on the drawing boards for a while...... I'd still be all on board.

    All detestable concerns for Kingsisle's lack of attention to Pirate101 aside, let's help them out a little by sharing our more immersive ideas to improve this wonderful MMO.

    • Elegant Shadowdance
      • Class: Swashbuckler
      • Type: Power
      • Target Type: (self)
      • Effect: +25% for 3
        • Last tier of the shadowdance series. No surprise there.

    • Steely Pirouette
      • Class: Swashbuckler
      • Type: Power
      • Range: x1
      • Target Type:
      • Effect: x1, 2, 2
        • It combines elements of assassin's strike and shroud into one potential delivery.


    • Bulky
      • Class: Buccaneer
      • Type: Talent
      • Effect: Block enemy line of sight
        • I feel it compliments buccaneers' attributes of being heavily armored and generally, as it suggests, bulky. This further enhances their ability to 'hold the line' by additionally being able to protect others against most ranged attacks.

    • Davy Jones' Curse
      • Class: Buccaneer
      • Type: Power
      • Target Type:(self)
      • Effect: +50% 5, +50% incoming damage 5
        • With Old Scratch's mojo buffs increasing spooky numbers like mad, a buccaneer's own damage-enhancing ability aught to level the field. Like reckless frenzy there is a drawback to utilizing such an ability, but it isn't too much cause for concern with sufficient defenses, which this berserk-style class already possesses.

    • Trapper
      • Class: Musketeer
      • Type: Talent
      • Effect: Claw traps may reveal hidden enemies
      • Chance: 50%
        • When an actual claw trap gets somebody, it could be the invisible man and you'll still know where they are now, which is what the idea stems from. The other suggestion was a chance to immobilize, but even on paper that sounded like a little much.

    • Burning Fuse
      • Class: Musketeer
      • Type: Power
      • Range: 6
      • Target Type:
      • Effect: x1.5, creates smoke on adjacent squares for 10
        • It might be detrimental to use on a musketeer in itself, someone could even go in it to avoid sight, but I think it fits nicely with a ranged unit's arsenal.

    • Valor's Ward
      • Class: Privateer
      • Type: Power
      • Range:
      • Effect: -25% from incoming attacks for 5
        • Yes, exactly like Triton's Chorus, but with less duration due to reducing all damage instead of just melee.

    • Last Wind
      • Class: Privateer
      • Type: Power
      • Range: 3
      • Target Type:
      • Effect: Target regains health (x1.8) after being defeated, boosted by
        • Balancing this one took some thought. Health regained is determined by the target's stats, not the caster's.

    • Banish
      • Class: Witchdoctor
      • Type: Power
      • Range: Varies with weapon
      • Target Type:
      • Effect: Teleport target to a random empty square

    Onto the subject of powers only obtainable through class-specific gear, mainly Kane's, I feel as though we should just train the stuff. I honestly don't know why it has to be stuck on gear, it's class-only anyways. This is just my opinion, so don't get your grapes in a twist.

    • Privateer
      • Firstmate's Boon

    • Witchdoctor
      • Heat Metal

    • Buccaneer
      • Triton's Chorus

    • Musketeer
      • True Grit 1
      • Quick Adjust 1

    • Swashbuckler
      • Assassin's Stride

    From what I've noticed with the secret trainers in Devilfish Hollow, the epics were in increments of 20 levels. We got epics at level 20, and 40, and then based off of this pattern, there would inevitably be the third rank at level 60 at some point. I absolutely love the idea of all the classes getting their respective rank 3 epics. That's something I'm looking forward to the most, it will further define each classes' play style and role in battle.

    From there, I ran out of ideas, could only muster up one power for witchdoctor. I'd absolutely love to see all of your ideas.

    "Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord." Psalm 119:1

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