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    One thing I appreciate about the P101C (and W101C) forums.

    I've been helping out as a volunteer Moderator for the official League of Legends forums for a few years now, and while I can definitely understand and appreciate the crazy stuff mods have go to through, there's one feature that I feel the 101C fansites have over the LoL forums, and that is that no one outside of mods can delete threads and posts.

    What do I mean by that? On the LoL forums once someone makes a thread or a post one option they have is to delete it. Now on the one hand this could be considered a good thing since if you accidentally post a thread in the wrong section (we can't currently move threads to other sections due to technical reasons, another thing the 101C fansites have over them) or make a double-post by mistake. Unfortunately these cases are very rare. More commonly it's used by people (most commonly trolls) to delete the evidence of their misbehavior, usually when they don't get the Yesman answers they want. Yes we can simply lock threads when they get out of hand but that doesn't remove the delete option, and there have been times where the OP has deleted their thread after it's been locked. Unfortunately to the annoyance of me and the other mods tech reasons prevent us from removing that feature at this time.

    Because of this, while I'm well aware that moderation is more strict here than on the LoL boards, it makes me glad that no one outside of mods can delete posts or threads, as it prevents good discussions and debates from being axed by disgruntled users who didn't get the outcomes they wanted, so thank you.
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