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    Rank pvp Incentive killed for the Spring season

    Pirate101 doesn't have as big of a community as wizard101 or other games . I have played wizard for 10 years and moved over to pirates cause i found this game allot more interesting when it to comes to the PVP aspect of the game for which i think has balance that wizard lost long ago .

    I am stunned that KI would remove weapons for this spring season rank reward witch pvp people see as a main reward to do rank pvp for .The Hat that is out now other for the looks of it is 90% worthless and gives no one any incentive to bother doing all it takes to be able to compete in rank pvp or bother doing it period >

    If anything Hat should of been just a new add for witch more them are needed as rewards ,not less to fight for no nearly nothing as is .

    This hurts the game allot actually and i am stunned how KI could not know that it does ?
    People buy bundles for the gear to pvp , buy pets , buy companions KI wouldn't otherwise sell , make second accounts ,Buy energy to train 100"s of pets to make a good one for pvp and so so much more .Its a big money maker for whatever the game makes for Kingsisle . There is much more to it , this game don"t have allot going on , not enough updates and other things .

    So why Kingsisle would do this to hurt their wallet and us as players is just honestly very poorly done, a mistake that could hurt the community and the game and also a way for people to quit the game since the updates aren't there anyway .

    Ki fix this please and add more pvp rewards not less .
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