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    Having more tournaments

    Hello everyone

    I am wondering why we don't have more then just one tournament every two months or so , or why not more then one at the time?

    wizard101 central as you know @Celestialmoon has had 3,4,5 at the same time so why not add more then just one at the time .
    While most and many players play at the top level we could have tournaments at lower levels too but it don't have to be lower levels .
    from what i have seen so far there is more active pvp players that are willing to do tournaments here then wizard and pet derby on w101C combined .
    I think its a good idea and its good for the players and the game somewhat for more of these to be active .
    Formats don't have to be special every time and old ones could be used as well, and ofc the regular central rules tours .tournaments for each class , buck, buckler ect.
    I think people would join for a 16 player tour .

    what do you guys all think of this , likely this has been talked about before that idk of it .

    in any case i don't think it would hurt to try to open more then one at the time to at least see will people join and i think rewards are not that important imo many people would do tournaments for the fun of it even without any rewards given.
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    Re: Having more tournaments

    Nice input.

    The idea of opening for different levels and such has been discussed before. We have even tried, thought it's been a while back, and there wasn't much interest in levels other than top. If there is enough interest now, I have no problems opening events for those levels of interest.

    As for opening more than one at a time... For the longest time, PvP here was dead. We had a hard time filling anything. The ladders were in horrible shape as well (though they still suffer in different ways). However, activity has slowly been building back over time, and I have thought about opening more than one tournament at a time or at least having them staggared out, released every few weeks. It's something I am looking forward to doing in the near future.

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