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    Food or entertainent? Ki has lost it way in the gaming world!

    So i recently moved out my parents how been on my own for several months now. it had it high and lows but it all been working out. But the reason i havent been on pirate101 for several months is not finances like some family but sure lack of updates. I mean would i rather eat or subscribe of course i rather eat but if you ever played a good video game. You could play for hours forgetting the time and not even eat that day. Healthy? No but that the basics of what a good video game does to the mind. And that a basic i think kingsisle has lost. Pirate101 has a mechanic system that can definitely expand. And some of kingsisle pirate members are strictly pirate members and kingsisle should never forget that. Because if these people leave for other game they may never come back. I mean how many memberships have they lost to the lack of content? Choosing to not update a game isn't going to make things better it just makes it harder for people to stick with your game brand. Why is it so hard to just do one for one each game when it come to worlds. Litteral finish the world for one game then do the other game dont keep making more world then telling your customers eventually. Every year each game get new content till player actually fall off to other game not to lack of content but of interest. But how we trust content will come even if there a winter update with one or 2 worlds in it?If a family can't choose from eating out and playing a game cause it that fun for them or the kids how good is that game really?
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    Re: Food or entertainent? Ki has lost it way in the gaming world!

    You bring up a good point. A few weeks ago I came back only to briefly not to again because literally...all I do that's worthwhile are Moo and skeleton key runs (if I beg enough), JUST for the wiki. I can care less about the badges. And that's pretty much the only option I have doing with 6 max characters. And because there've been no updates and I've been through the storyline far too many times, This little acct I have will just stay where it is for now.

    I've also officially turned Wizard101 off due to its too many side things i have to learn and are forced to stick with, quests take FOREVER to complete, and it's just not worth going through it all over again.

    I can afford to buy some crowns and buy that one last area I forgot to get (the labyrinth), but is it worth it? Will I actually hand over the ten bucks for a prepaid card to a game that doesn't seem to care about its player base? To get us excited over reskins and repeated celebrations? And yes, Ratbeard's back, but it's been ten days since his reply to the thread he's made. And they refuse to talk about the when in terms of story. He did promise the things in the work for p101 is worth more than w101 (and I will actually bet it's true since Wizard101 is just literally reskinning EVERYTHING w their new ugly graphics), but that doesn't motivate me to log in and play.

    KI really has lost its way with us. We're going into June and still haven't gotten ANYTHING at all. Literally (I think).

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