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    Re: leave kingsisle be please

    I know you want whats best for pirate101 and I can respect that. However not criticizing when critics are needed is worse than any critique you can give. For example DC movies. The fans always praise them even when they are bad so they keep churning out bad movies. What you are asking us to do is to ask for bad updates and possibly no updates at all. Also let me remind you that there is a difference between criticism and harassment. Sometimes it is harassment but not often, usually its concerned fans with valid opinions who have a right to get an answer asking questions. Granted I have seen harassment but not often. Let me put it into perspective. What we are doing is the exact same thing as reporting a bug, criticizing the game and developers for a flaw. This time the flaw is no updates. So if I were to ask you if you would report a game breaking bug or not would you say you wouldn't because that is bothering KI? I highly doubt it. I do apologize if you think I'm being rude but I'm giving it to you straight, what we are doing is valid, needed and shouldn't stop if we want a update. KI gets annoyed because they know our opinion is valid and there is nothing they can do about it but try to cover it up. Lastly, let me say this. A rushed update is better than no update. You have the right to not complain and I respect that, but I also have my right to complain and I hope you respect that.
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    Re: leave kingsisle be please

    Quote Originally Posted by Vice42 View Post
    trust me when i say that wizard101 will get updated more often than pirate101 because it has more priority and valencia part 2 if proof of that because its short compared to the other worlds. like i said pirate101 is a smaller community compared to wizard101 so all the critism/negativity towards pirate101 updates needs to chill down just wait till they're ready and willing also a new pvp season will start in around 2 days for pirate101 (dunno about wizard101) hopefully that "weapon" vendor for ranked pvp actually starts back selling what he is "labeled" to do, he is afterall a "weapon" vendor.
    When a player pays the same exact price to play a game a sister game in the same exact company that is updated 160% more often.....the players are more than justified to complain, be critical, or just keep bringing up the same topic. When you have paying customers getting scraps due to resources/attention going to another game, but not getting the same money worth.....there is a huge problem (especially if "membership" is not discounted in parallel with the decrease of content provided with said membership).
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