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    Jackrabbit Ju-Ju (Level 75) information (Musketeer, Witchdoctor, pet)


    I have obtained information about Jackrabbit Ju-Ju's Epic talent rank buffs for the level 75 Doubloon.
    (further details below)

    My Musketeer Pirate has Burst Fire 1, Quick Draw 3, and Double Tap 3 trained. Turn the Tide 1 comes from the pet.
    Musketeer Pirate using Shooty Weapon (with Jackrabbit Ju-Ju):
    Name:  Pirate101 -- Lv75 Jackrabbit on Shooty Musketeer.png
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Size:  827.3 KB
    The level 75 Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloon gave my Musketeer Pirate (using a ranged weapon):
    • 2 ranks of Quick Draw
    • 2 ranks of Overwatch
    • 2 ranks of Return Fire
    • 1 rank of Burst Fire
    • 1 rank of Double Tap

    My Witchdoctor Pirate has Mojo Echo 1 from his Staffy weapon.
    Witchdoctor Pirate using Staffy Weapon (with Jackrabbit Ju-Ju):
    Name:  Picture 2019-06-25 11-29-26-310.jpg
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Size:  93.4 KBName:  Picture 2019-06-25 11-29-23-394.jpg
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Size:  81.7 KB
    The level 75 Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloon gave my Witchdoctor Pirate (using a magic weapon):
    • 2 ranks of Intuition
    • 2 ranks of Readied Spell
    • 2 ranks of Counterspell
    • 1 rank of Mojo Echo
    • 1 rank of Mojo Rising

    I have also done a comparison with my Musketeer's pet.
    In terms of Epic talents, the pet does not have any.
    It is also a melee pet (meaning its normal attack is melee). (The importance of this will be discussed in another thread.)

    Here's a picture of my pet when Jackrabbit Ju-Ju applied:
    Name:  Pirate101 -- Lv75 Jackrabbit on melee pet.png
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Size:  300.5 KB
    The level 75 Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloon gave my pet (who uses melee attacks):
    • 2 ranks of First Strike
    • 2 ranks of Repel Boarders
    • 2 ranks of Riposte
    • 1 rank of Relentless
    • 1 rank of Blade Storm

    I will be posting another thread about why I included the pet, but for now, here's information on the level 75 version of the Jackrabbit Ju-Ju Doubloon.

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