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    Regarding how the Epic talent ranks for Jackrabbit Ju-Ju are documented......


    Considering how the Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloon gives certain Epic talent ranks, I believe it would be more accurate to show that those doubloons give Epic ranks depending on each unit's base attack type (melee, ranged, or magic).

    Organizing by class implies that it is possible to give certain Epics to certain allies on one's team that would not work at all.

    For example: Nurse Quinn and Commander Emmett.
    (Tests shown here were with the Level 65 Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloon, unless stated otherwise.)

    Nurse Quinn is a Witchdoctor companion that uses melee attacks. The information on the wiki states that she would have the following Epics temporarily:
    • Intuition 2
    • Readied Spell 2
    • Counterspell 1
    • Mojo Echo 1
    • Mojo Rising 1

    However, this is not the case:
    Name:  Pirate101 -- Nurse Quinn with Jackrabbit Ju-Ju.png
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Size:  98.0 KB

    Commander Emmett is a Privateer companion that uses ranged (Shooty) attacks. The information on the wiki states that he would have the following Epics temporarily:
    • First Strike 2
    • Repel Boarders 2
    • Riposte 1
    • Relentless 1
    • Blade Storm 1

    However, this is not the case:
    Name:  Pirate101 -- Commander Emmett with Jackrabbit Ju-Ju.png
Views: 101
Size:  105.8 KB

    One more class-based case: the Player.
    My Musketeer here has temporarily equipped a melee weapon (the Haywire Royal Greataxe).
    Of the Epics shown, only Relentless 1 and Double Tap 3 were trained.
    Here is a picture of my Musketeer's Epics with the Jackrabbit Ju-Ju active:
    Name:  Picture 2019-06-25 12-45-21-904.jpg
Views: 83
Size:  51.7 KBName:  Picture 2019-06-25 12-45-24-174.jpg
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    There's also something that the current wiki pages for the Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloons do not take into account: pets.
    Pets, for the most part, are melee attackers by default, with a few exceptions. (At least one pet is not melee, I should say.)
    Here are two instances where pets were affected by Jackrabbit Ju-Ju:

    Name:  Pirate101 -- Lv75 Jackrabbit on melee pet.png
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Size:  300.5 KB
    Name:  Pirate101 -- 3 Lv65 Jackrabbits and a Lv75 WP doubloon on WD Raptor.png
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Size:  306.8 KB

    The first image was the result from the level 75+ Jackrabbit Ju-Ju (from a previous thread -- the one on the level 75 Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloon).
    The second image was the result from using 3 Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloons (level 65) and 1 Weapon Power Doubloon (level 75+).
    Even though the game doesn't tell you, the Witchdoctor Raptor's basic attack is a ranged attack (Shooty). (My Witchdoctor Raptor's Epics before the Jackrabbit Ju-Ju doubloon were: Slippery 1, Eagle Eyes 1)

    In conclusion, I would suggest that the lists of Epics for the Jackrabbit Ju-Ju wiki pages would be categorized by the unit's base attacking type, instead of the unit's class.
    This allows for exceptions like a melee Musketeer, Nurse Quinn, and Commander Emmett to be accounted for, as well as pets.
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