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    Top Level 1v1 Tournament - Central Rules

    Pirates from around the Spiral unite!

    Welcome all ye pirates to a tournament with rules that were specially picked and voted on by YOU!

    Bans and Restrictions

    • All doubloons are banned.
    • Scratch's 50% Buff - allowed for witches only
    • Scratch's 100% Buff - banned
    • Scratch's Purge - banned
    • Spring and Fall Champion Weapons - banned
    • First Mate's Boon - banned
    • Blast of Discord - banned
    • Overwatch 5 - banned
    • Beastmaster Banner - Can be used if BOTH players agree to it. If not, it's banned.


    All other Central rules apply. If you are unfamiliar with these rules, take a moment to read over them by clicking here.


    1st Place - 5,000 crowns + 1 tour win
    2nd Place - 2,500 crowns
    3rd Place - 1,000 crowns
    4th Place - 1,000 crowns


    Special Reminders

    • Pirates must be declared when you join and cannot be changed.
    • The tournament will begin when the spots fill or I see no other participants will join.
    • Each round will last 1 week (7 days).
    • NO extensions allowed for any reason.
    • No shows, failure to respond to your opponent or breaking any rules will result in a strike. 2 strikes and you must sit out the next tournament opening.
    • If you fail to perform your semis/finals match sets, you will not receive any rewards designated for those places.



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