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    Treasure "Skull" Island Double Elimination 1v1

    Ahoy pirates! It's time to set sail to Skull Island and take a look back at the good ol' days of Books 1 and 2 of our adventures! Do ye remember the when we'd set sail from Skull Island and head to the Tradewinds and Floatsom Skyways to explore new lands and conquer our enemies? Ahhh... what fun times!

    But alas... the good times are not over just yet! Join us and let's relive the glory days in this 1v1 PvP tournament event!

    • This tournament is for max level pirates.
    • Companions can ONLY come from books 1 and 2 quests and side quests.
    • All equipment must come from books 1 and 2 or be marked for levels 10 and below.
    • Weapons and pets can be from any book as long as they follow Central rules.
    • Crowns companions are not allowed. This includes those from hoard packs and companion counterparts.
    • All other Central rules apply.

    List of LEGAL Companions

    • The Starter Companions
    • Bonnie Anne
    • The Kraken Skulls Companions
    • Old Scratch
    • Ratbeard
    • The Presidio Companions
    • Water Mole Slingman
    • Romba
    • Nanu Nanu
    • Tricky Vinny
    • Crazy Monquistador
    • Bones McGee
    • Batacuda
    • Fan Flanders
    • Peter Quint
    • Carcarius Grimtooth
    • Chantal Livingstone
    • The Marchioness


    • 1st Place - 15,000 Crowns + 1 Stage Ship Mount of CHOICE
    • 2nd Place - 10,000 Crowns + 1 Stage Ship Mount of CHOICE
    • 3rd Place - 9,000 Crowns

    Other Reminders

    • Be sure to declare your pirate.
    • The tournament will begin when all spots have filled.
    • Each round will last 1 week only.
    • Communicate with opponents on Central using visitor messages.
    • Since this is a double elimination format, remember that since the system is bugged, players must report their match outcomes to me.
    • Also remember the "loser" bracket due dates will allign with the "winners" bracket starting in round 2. So round 1 of the "loser" bracket will be due when round 2 of the "winner" bracket is due. Round 2 of the "loser" bracket will be due when round 3 of the "winner" bracket is due. Etc.
    • must lose 2 match sets to be completely kicked out of the tournament.
    • Any other questions should be sent to me. I will answer as quickly as possible.

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