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    What Kings Isle should have done for mobile gaming.

    I think entering the mobile gaming market would have actually been a great move for KI, if they did it properly, and if a bit of luck was on their side.

    Personally, I really like the strategy in Pirate101, and Wizard101 from what I have seen is also strategic. I think Kingsile excels in strategy making games, so it was a real shame they made some mind numbingly brain draining clicking game. What I would have loved to see was them develop a more turn based combat mobile game. Not only that, but these mobile games should also relate to pirate101 and wizard101, so mobile players maybe curious to check p101 out.

    From here, my ideas become naive, since I don't know much on game development, but it stems from something I have done. You see, every now and then, I use my touchscreen to do pirate101 battles instead of my mouse. It works pretty nicely (mostly)! Maybe you could replicate this for phones and tablets. Lets call this game PIRATES.


    A summary of PIRATES:

    A mini-version of pirate101 onto the touch phone market. A fight only mode- NO open roam. You use touchscreen to control where your pirates move on the battlefield, what spells they will use etc.

    The more battles you do the more your character levels up. Leveling up offers more spells and companions and gear etc you can unlock.

    The in-game currency is Gold and Crowns:

    • With Gold you can buy new gear that offers new spells, doubloons, and new companions for your battles
    • With Crowns, you can buy rare stuff, rare skins and cosmetics etc...

    There is PvE mode and PvP mode.

    In PvE you can team up with other pirates, or go solo. After a particularly hard boss fight, you get a chance at a boss chest which has a chance of giving legendary loot, spells, etc. You can use crowns to obtain second chance boss chests like normal.

    In PvP, well if they did this game right on mobile, PvP would be a mobile phenomenon.

    Also, bonus prizes, loots and spells are awarded and or unlockable in Piratees for those who log on play pirate101 and reach level 20, 30, 40, 50 etc...
    Conversely, if you play PIRATES, you can also earn cool rewards for your pirate in pirate101.


    Yeah so, basically, p101 is playable on touchscreen. So make a touch based pvp game that mimics p101 almost exactly. Design costs wont be much, its basically pirate101 battles so do a copy paste or something idk. Don't waste time on making too much new stuff. Change the interface a bit perhaps to be more efficient and friendly for fingers. Make a similar game for wizard101 too, and call it WIZARDS.

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