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    Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, August 29, 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenGuardian View Post
    May as well not celebrate our birthday to be honest. No need for pointless gifts scattered throughout the spiral giving 7 day mounts and pet food. Only non-paying players under level 10 hunt for those kind of stuff until they get bored and want to play another game.

    Wizard101 is the spoiled child who gets all the attention, whilst Pirate101 is the child (the younger child, even) that has to pay rent to live in a room under a staircase, with no promise of tomorrow being better than today.
    It's hard to imagine what they might be planning, seeing as how they'd have to stretch back to Krampus as the last update, and the Spring Daisy as the most recent mount. Ratbeard's Return fizzled out, Arrrgust wasn't even a thing, no Producer's Letter was produced, and there doesn't seem to be a September page for the Tradewinds Tribune.

    That being said, even a muted birthday celebration would be an accomplishment. It would mean Pirate101 players get our tiny bit of attention.

    First Time User Experience is a thing that may help, but it really does leave long-time players still wanting.
    @Bat Masterson, anything?

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