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    Pirate101 PvP Match #2

    Was a PVP match against Noble Wolf Hawkins' newly maxed buccaneer.

    If you dont know who Wolf is, Which i doubt it, Wolf is one of the OG Swashbuckler PvP Champions of the 2015 1st age of Ranked PvP days when the game was still in it's glorious days. Wolf has changed and impacted the pvp meta not just once or twice, Three times in a row. Especially for Swashbucklers. He was the first to invent the Ratbeard HTL 3 FS 3 and FS 3 Repel 3 setups in the PvP meta. This is how the trend started and still works perfectly in 2019. Another meta changing addition Wolf has added was the use of Seven Lamps Locket (Revive Amulet) for Swashbucklers in PvP (4 Heals Swashbuckler setup) Which proved to be effective and worth the sacrifice over the use of the infamous Sprocket Key (Purge Magic) amulet that typical bucklers tend to run back then until today.

    Wolf insisted to continue to change the meta for Swashbucklers again by the use of Zayat Jacket Outfit (High Magic Resist stat robe and grants a Revive Power card) in matches where you fight against pirates running magical damage based weapons or powers in order to help a bit in raising the swashbuckler's pirate's nonexistent Magic resist stat to tank the incoming magical damage. Wolf's contributions and his changes that affected the meta from 2015 till present were a great part in what shaped the Swashbuckler meta in PvP today.

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