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    2019 Halloween Psylent's Survival 1v1 Tournament

    Attention all ye terrifyingly spooktacular pirates out there!

    Do ye think ye have what it takes to survive the frightening idea of losing yer favorite companion?

    Grab all yer most fiercesome companions and prepare for battle!!


    • Any companion(s) that die during battle may not be used in any remaining duels per match set. This resets as players advance to the next round.
      • EXAMPLE: I run Bonnie, Toro, and Nausica against an opponent on our 1st duel. I win, but my opponent manages to kill Nausica. Now on the second duel, I am forbidden from picking Nausica because she died.
      • On that second duel, I run Goronado, Hawkules, and Bonnie. I lose this duel and all three die. That means on the third duel, I cannot pick Goronado, Hawkules or Bonnie or Nausica because she also died in the first duel. Same applies to your opponent's companions you managed to kill.
      • If I win the third duel of the match and advance to the next round, then everything resets and I can use anyone I want again.

    • ALL other Central rules apply to this tournament event.

    --.--.--.--.--.--.-- --.--.--.--.--.--.--


    • 1st Place - 25,000 Crowns + 1 Halloween Clockwork Steed Mount
    • 2nd Place - 15,000 Crowns
    • 3rd Place - 10,000 Crowns
    • 4th Place - 5,000 Crowns


    • Players MUST declare their pirate when they join and may not change once declared. Failure to do so will result in being removed from the tournament.
    • Each round will last for 7 days. A 2-day extension can be granted but must be requested and approved.
    • Rematches must be approved by a TM before being played.
    • Players MUST discuss scheduling through visitor messages and not via outside chat places.
    • If you have any questions, contact Celestialmoon.


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