Here's some new things I drew

This one is an emote I made for a good friend of mine
Name:  mk.png
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Size:  110.6 KB

This one is a chibi icon that I made for another friend
Name:  Untitled83-1.png
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Size:  223.7 KB

This one is an icon I made for one of my awesome friends, I love her character and she was so fun to draw X3
Name:  Untitled73.png
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Size:  309.3 KB

This one is another chibi icon for a good friend of mine
Name:  Untitled70-1.png
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Size:  270.4 KB

This last one is of my swashy! He's so cute and fun to draw LOL
Name:  Untitled85-1.png
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Size:  266.6 KB