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    Blazing Berm ー detailed information

    Hello there.

    Considering that Blazing Berm's in-game Power card/image doesn't say much or look appealing, I was genuinely curious about it and how it worked.
    Recently, I've obtained one of the weapons that grant it, and seeing how the wiki's page for the Power might be lacking information, I did some investigation.

    As it turns out, it's actually more interesting than it seems to be (although it definitely doesn't seem optimal for use).

    In-Game Stated Information
    Starting with the obvious (stated in-game):
    ー Range: 3
      (This does not seem to change when the caster's range changes.)
    ー Formation: Wall (5-square). Mainly targets enemies.
      (This does not seem to change when the caster's level changes.)
    ー Damage: based on Spell Power
    ー Description: Deals Magical Damage to affected targets.

    Blazing Berm's Detailed Effects
    I would describe this Power's effects as:
    Deal Magical Damage to targetable units (enemies, obstacles with HP). Place Bonfire Traps on empty squares.

    That being said, there are 3 main parts to this section: Initial Hit, Bonfire Trap, Animation.
    (The P101C wiki doesn't cover animation, but I figured I'd include it anyway in case anyone was curious.)

    Initial Hit
    Attack type: Magic
    ー type: Magical
    ー formula: 0.75 ✕ [Spell Power] ✕ (1 + 0.002 ✕ [Will])
      (this value is rounded normally when shown on the Power, but the damage dealt is rounded down)
    ー potential targets: enemy units, obstacles with health

    Bonfire Trap
    Bonfire Trap:
    ー Damage:
      ー type: Magical
      ー formula: 1 ✕ [Spell Power]
    ー Duration: 4 turns
      (This shows as 3 turns remaining on the caster's turn directly after being placed.)

    Here's an image showing its duration to be 4 turns:

    Name:  4-turn duration.jpg
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Size:  95.5 KB

    ー same as Ocuboros
    ー If no enemies are attacked, no animation will be shown, but the sound effects will still play.
    ー Bonfire Traps placed appear almost immediately after the Ocuboros animation plays (even if no animation is played).

    Blazing Berm's Bugs
    Blazing Berm seems to have two major bugs.....

    Bonfire Trap Spawning
    Some traps don't spawn.
    This seems to occur for squares blocked by line of sight from squares that don't exist on the field.

    Below, I have attached two sets of images.
    For the first set, some of the affected squares are blocked by non-existing squares on the field.
    For the second set, some of the affected squares are blocked by an obstacle that exists on the field that blocks line of sight.
    For both sets, two pictures are provided: the turn before Blazing Berm was used, and the turn after Blazing Berm was used.
    Please note which targeted squares have Bonfire Traps, and which don't.

    Blocking by non-existent squares on the field (center target square: 2 squares below my Pirate):

    Name:  Non-Existent Square blocking, before.jpg
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Size:  90.3 KB

    Name:  Non-Existent Square blocking, after.jpg
Views: 58
Size:  90.8 KB

    Blocking by line-of-sight obstacles on the field (center target square: 3 squares left of my Pirate):

    Name:  Obstacle Square blocking, before.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  86.0 KB

    Name:  Obstacle Square blocking, after.jpg
Views: 56
Size:  85.6 KB

    Blazing Berm's Bonfires v. Alert 1
    Blazing Berm's Bonfire Traps do not seem to be affected by Alert 1.
    For reference, an instance where Alert 1 should activate has been provided below.

    Kan Po walks through one of Blazing Berm's Bonfire Traps:

    Kan Po's stats:

    Name:  Kan Po's stats.jpg
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Size:  101.7 KB

    Note that my Spell Power during the match was 284.
    This means that the Bonfire Trap should deal 284 Magical Damage to enemies with 0 Magic Resist (142 Magical Damage with Alert 1).
    Kan Po, a Swashbuckler Companion with Alert 1, took 284 Magical Damage (instead of 142 Magical Damage).

    Testing will need to be done for Alert 2 to see if it properly affects this Power's Bonfire Traps.

    → I will be asking Kingsisle about these two things, in case these seem to be unintended bugs.

    This Power was definitely something, that's for sure.
    It's not what its Power card implies it to be (in a good way, although I would recommend for this to be fixed).

    Key points for this Power include:
    ー Range: 3
    ー Formation: Wall (5-square)
    ー Effect: damages targetable units (enemies / obstacles with health), then places Bonfire Traps for 4 turns
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