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    No Buffs 1v1

    Welcome to our No Buffs Tournament!
    In this tournament, any sort of buffs are BANNED!!


    This tournament is for max level pirates only.

    Not Allowed:

    • No Skills that Increase Agility, Strength, or Will
    • No Skills that Increase Accuracy and/or Dodge
    • No Defensive Skills
    • No "Haste" Increasing Spells
    • No Critical Increasing Spells
    • No "Team Epic"
    • No Fighting Fervor or Tower of Iron Will
    • No "Hidden Spells"
    • No Gallant Defense
    • ‚ÄčNo Banners or Standards
    • Companions buffs are also part of this and not allowed. So NO El Toro's Espirit de Corps, NO Wing Chun's Call To Arms, etc.


    • Every other skill not outlined above.
    • Skills that affect opponent by reducing their stats are OKAY
    • Skills to remove buffs and debuffs are also OKAY
    • Third Rank Epics that grant a stat bonus are OKAY
    • Witchdoctor's Charm and Teleport are OKAY
    • Traps are all OKAY
    • Every heal is okay, including overtime heals such as Revive
    • Poisons are okay as well

    Winners Loot List
    • 1st Place - 10,000 Crowns
    • 2nd Place - 5,000 Crowns
    • 3rd Place - 2,500 Crowns

    **A playoff will need to be played by both players that lose in the semis to determin who wins 3rd.**

    • Declare your pirate when you join, and you can not change pirates once declared.
    • Each round will last 7 days. An extension can be granted if requested before the round deadline.
    • USE VISITOR MESSAGES to schedule with your opponents.

    Good luck and Happy dueling!
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