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    Advanced Worlds 2v2 Tournament

    Welcome to the Advanced Worlds 2v2 Tournament!

    This will be a 2v2 tournament for max level pirates.

    Do you think you and your team have what it takes to come out on top?!

    The tournament will have 8 spots available so make sure to grab one as soon as possible!

    A while back, we ran a special contest where we asked YOU the players to come up with the best tournament ideas. This Tournament comes directly from the mind of NinjaPikmin!

    Here are the special rules you will abide to in this Tournament!


    Each round will correspond with a world or a bracket of worlds where gear and companions are restricted to that range:

    • 1st Round:
      • Companions received from Cool Ranch and Port Regal
      • Gear marked from levels 15-30

    • 2nd Round:
      • Companions from Mooshu (you may use your original starter companion for this round as well)
      • Gear marked from levels 35-45

    • 3rd Round:
      • Companions from Marleybone and Aquila (you may use your new class companion for this round as well)
      • Gear marked from levels 50-65

    • Weapons and pets are not restricted by levels in any round.
    • Additionally, you may only use companions that YOUR CLASS received from the story or side quests in the respective worlds; crown shop, promotional, seasonal, bundle, retired and/or pack companions are not allowed.
    • ALL other Central rules still apply.

    ***Click HERE for a guide that illustrates companions locations!***

    Prizes are as followed:

    • 1st Place - 10k crowns per player
    • 2nd Place - 5k crowns per player
    • 3rd Place - 2.5k crowns per player
    • 4th Place - 2.5k crowns per player


    • It is YOUR responsibility to check when the Tournament fills up.
    • Control of more than one pirate by a single person is not permitted.
    • Each team is allowed one substitute. Once a player is subbed in, they are a permanent part of the active team. If someone is subbed out, they may not be subbed back in later in the tournament.
    • The team leader is responsible for setting up duels, reporting outcomes, making substitutions and making sure their team members understand the rules.
    • Name, class and level of each member pirate must be listed on the team page.
    • Players may only be on one team per tournament. If their team is eliminated, they may not be subbed into another team within that same tournament.
    • You may not use any player that is not on your team roster.
    • Each round will last 10 days. Extensions MUST be requested!
    • Communication MUST take place on Central!!!

    Best of luck in this Tournament!
    Happy Dueling!
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