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    Blade Storm Activating Multiple Times (+ Triple Blade Storm!)

    Hello there.

    On the subject of Epics activating multiple times, you can get Blade Storm to happen three times from a single attack.

    There is at least one known reason this happens.

    In the case I present here, a critical Haywire Strike criticals and defeats an enemy.

    Haywire Strike and Multiple Activations

    Here's a fun fact: Haywire Strike deals 2 hits.

    Now, what does this mean?
    It means that you can critical the Haywire Strike and activate Blade Storm from it.
    It also means that if the first hit of Haywire Strike defeats the target, Blade Storm will happen twice (as the second hit of Haywire Strike also defeats the target).

    Combine these two statements, and you can get Blade Storm to happen three times from a single attack.

    Bonus ー More on Double Blade Storm

    To date, my friend, @ultimatewizardx , and I have 3 double Blade Storm procs on record before trying to get triple Blade Storm procs.
    I analyzed the clips.
    In short, here's what I noted (similarities of all three clips):
    ー All three clips were of a Buccaneer Pirate using Reckless Frenzy on an enemy.
    ー In those clips, one of the non-initial Reckless Frenzy swings landed a critical.
      The Pirate got a Blade Storm proc from the critical hit (swing from Reckless).
      The Pirate also got a Blade Storm proc right after they lost health from swinging with Reckless Frenzy.

    Note that Reckless Frenzy deals two hits per swing (excluding the initial attack).
    When you critical Haywire Strike, you activate Blade Storm twice because you land two critical hits (one for each hit of Haywire Strike).
    As such, I conclude that a critical of one of the non-initial hits of Reckless Frenzy can cause Blade Storm to activate twice as well.

    As a general concensus, Blade Storm will activate up to once per hit of a given attack.
    No, I don't mean animation-wise ー I mean in regards to Haywire Strike and Reckless Frenzy, as they both deal 2 hits per attack.

    Things to Note with Double Blade Storm

    ー You can also activate Blade Storm twice if:
      ー a melee attack criticals and defeats the enemy (likely the most common reason for double Blade Storm activation)
    ー You won't go above the allowed number of Blade Storm procs you have left in a given turn.
      So, if you have Blade Storm 1 and try to use Haywire Strike as stated above, you will only get 1 Blade Storm proc from it (assuming you haven't already used Blade Storm).
      Also, if you have Blade Storm 2+ but already activated Blade Storm twice, you can't get Blade Storm to activate twice from any attack (as you only have 1 use left for that given turn).
    ー You can do this with Musketeers using Double Tap and Witchdoctors using Mojo Rising as well, although you would not be able to use Reckless Frenzy on any Pirate that isn't a Buccaneer.
    ー As Go Bananas! is (basically) the same as Reckless Frenzy (but exclusive to a certain companion), you can do this with Hoodoo Cornelius (although I wouldn't suggest it if you were going for optimal play).


    Thanks to:
    ー @ultimatewizardx, for helping me figure out the reason for Blade Storm activating multiple times
    ー You, for reading this short thread.

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