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    Does this not look ridiculous? Dyes sold separately?

    This is the most recent addition to the crown shop. Three mounts with almost identical names, almost identical looks, each for the wacky price of 9000 crowns. Seems Kingsisle is selling dyes separately now. There are so many problems with this I'm not even sure where to begin

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    For starters, there are dyeable mounts in game you aren't fooling anyone

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    Yes, there are 3 separate versions like this on Wizard101, but A: They're only like that to coincide with the 3 equipment sets from Pandemonium pack that we didn't get. B. Even in that game it's a dumb mechanic. C. They don't clutter the Crown shop to highlight how stupid it is.

    And yet again, what is this price tag? 3 identical mounts all for 9000 crowns? I don't see how it being a pack item on Wizard translates to needing to screw us over on pricing. Not to mention that Ski-runner mount for 15000 crowns, evidently priced that way because its 50% speed in Wizard101 instead of 40% speed. Is it like that in Pirate101? Probably not, I'm certainly not paying that price tag to find out and get scammed though.
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    Re: Does this not look ridiculous? Dyes sold separately?

    How very strange that these new mounts are just kind of suddenly appearing in the Crown Shop. A few years ago, we'd be regularly getting either a pet or a mount every month, but then that stopped. Someone found a few minutes to work on Pirate101? Wow!

    The Giant Panda arrived back in February for the "Spring Festival" so I guess the other two are for Autumn, as per the Tradewinds Tribune and the Launcher:

    New Panda Mounts!
    Get ready to fall beary in love with cuteness! The Giant Panda wandered off and brought back 2 new friends: the Great Panda and Grand Panda. All 3 adorable mounts are now available in the Crown Shop! Check them out today!

    I already own the Giant Panda with the red saddle, but as you said, why buy more of the same just for the green or black saddles?? I suppose they could have done five of them in different colors and called them Class Panda Mounts. But they're dye-able?

    If only we had world-based housing, and they could be placed at a MooShu castle as a family playing in a bamboo grove.

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