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    KI Mobile Games Shutting Down Feb. 17th 2021.

    It was announced today that the existing KI mobile games EverClicker, Rise & Destroy and Animal Cove will be shutting down on the 17th of this month. Sad for the fans of those games but ultimately I feel this is a long time coming and will be better in the long run as now KI will be hopefully forced to focus their efforts on their MMOs like they should've done all along.

    P.S. Grub Guardian isn't shutting down so don't worry about that game.
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    Re: KI Mobile Games Shutting Down Feb. 17th 2021.

    My first thought was "Wow, thank goodness! " If the mobile games are shutting down, I hope that (as you said) they will revert their attention to their MMORPGs... One in particular. *ahem*

    Personally, the biggest thing I'd love KingsIsle to do right now is make Pirate101 work for Big Sur users. I've been really wanting to log back on Pirate101, but of course, ever since the last update, it's not compatible. There's really nothing like feeling so nostalgic that you want to play one of your favorite games, and then realizing the management company didn't even give the decency of making the game actually *function*.

    I know there's some work involved, but still... They're going to lose (even more) customers fast if they keep making the game inaccessible in so many different ways for different members.

    Okay, rant over. I'm happy they're shutting down the mobile games and agree that it's high time they focus on something else for once! Yo-ho!

    - H.A.P.

    (P.S. Yes, that is still my favorite emoji on here. Some things never change.)

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