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    Re: Grants Mojo Echo and/or Grants Burst Fire

    Attached are my witch, privateer and musketeer pets...

    They leave little to be desired. I'm happy that they at least have school specific talents - though for my privateer the relentless was a bit of a fail.

    I'm doing okay in the melee department. Except for that one pet that got +75% will for 5 rounds - come on! It gets grant riposte and then pulls that on was meant to be a swashbuckler pet! Good grant, sure, but not the time nor the pet, lol.

    I don't suppose anyone has burst fire/mojo echo? I'll be morphing with one of the pets attached, if not all, it depends on the gold situation.

    As an aside, I've been doing the party barge so my gold situation is very good even on my low level pirates (thanks Willow!)
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