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    Pirate101Central 2021 PvP Ladder #2

    Welcome to the 2021 Season 2 PvP Ladder!

    This ladder will remain open from June 5 through December 31st, ending at 11:59pm central time.

    There will be a few basic rules of which I will list below. Please read through them carefully. If you have any questions, please ask.

    Basic Rules

    • Players must complete 1 match per month to remain in the ladder. Inactive players will be removed and all stats wiped clean.
    • Any player found guilty of cheating will be permanently removed from the ladder and stats wiped clean.
    • Any unsportsmanlike conduct is frowned upon and will result in removal from the ladder and stats wiped.
    • No rematches for ladder duels allowed at all. If you d/c, you forfeit unless you can get back in the game and win. If you break a rule, you automatically forfeit.
    • If someone "no shows" 2 times for the same duel, they forfeit.
    • Giving and receiving "free wins" on a ladder is considered cheating and will result in immediate removal from the ladder with all stats wiped clean.
    • For your protection, any and all match discussion when it comes to scheduling and setting rules needs to take place on one another's profile via visitor messages. This will be a great help in case a mishap occurs and I need to intervene.

    Game Play Rules

    • Players will have the options of using one of these 3: Central rules, no rules or create their own rules.
    • If players opt to use Central rules, all Central rules must be followed.
    • If players opt to use no rules, anything and everything goes.
    • If players opt to create their own rules, both players have to agree on the rules in order for them to be valid for battle. If both players are unable to agree on the rules, that challenge can be deleted by a TM at the players' request.

    Prize Amounts (prize amounts have increased!)

    • 1st Place Winner - 20,000 Crowns
    • 2nd Place Winner -10,000 Crowns
    • 3rd Place Winner - 5,000 Crowns
    • 4th Place Winner - 2,500 Crowns

    Note: If there is a case where a tie occurs between any of the top 4 places, a playoff match set in a best of 5 format will happen to determine which player will rank higher. If it so happens to be that the top 3 to 4 spots all tie, a mini-tournament will happen to determine place order.

    Happy Dueling, Pirates!!
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