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    Charity Live Stream

    From social media (not sure why it's not on the main site Tradewinds Tribune or message boards):

    ‘Tis the season for a charity livestream!

    To support @CreativeATX and @AbleGamers, we’re holding a special charity livestream this Friday at 4 PM Central Time. Join us for a great cause, awesome raffle prizes, and lots of fun!


    There is a chance to win a Ninja Pig companion. This event will benefit the charities in addition to sales of the upcoming Charity Mount.

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    Re: Charity Live Stream

    Those are some very nice choices for charities.

    I used to teach at a local highschool and college, so education has always been important to me. I taught students all about the law, their finances - how to take control of their lives and become more independent. I knew people in such horrible situations who fought so hard to do better for themselves, and it's not always been perfect. Even with an education, sometimes life has other plans and no matter what they do or what they learn, sometimes people stay stuck in bad situations. But it's a start, education is very important. Of course, unlike the charity supporting children's education, I taught law, economics and accounting - not as fun as art, lol.

    And as for the other charity, I'm very disabled myself and games have always been a welcoming escape from real life. They've helped me to make friends and to imagine I was somewhere else, they made me feel less alone. Instead of staring at the walls around me, I was spending time in house parties, events, PvPing with friends, questing.

    I don't teach anymore, but education has always been important to me, and it always will be. I'm still in education (as a student now) and I'm not sure I'll ever leave, as long as they'll keep me. I just think a lot needs to change with education, but that's a very long conversation. But I'll definitely donate if I can - whether it's individually or through this live stream.

    I've also seen the new charity mount through spoilers - I don't discuss spoilers if I can help it, but it's not much to look forward to for me.


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