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Difference between revisions of "Creature:Banditoad Soldier (Banditoad Gulch)"

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Line 34: Line 34:
| hat1 = Army Scout's Brim*WMV
| hat1 = Army Scout's Brim*WMV
| hat2 = Army Scout's Helmet*WMV
| hat2 = Army Scout's Helmet*WMV
| hat3 = Buckaroo's Hat
| hat3 = Boonie Brim*WMV
| hat4 = Cavalier's Headgear
| hat4 = Buckaroo's Hat
| hat5 = Cavalier's Sombrero
| hat5 = Cavalier's Headgear
| hat6 = Dandy's Topper*WMV
| hat6 = Cavalier's Sombrero
| hat7 = Desperado's Cover*WMV
| hat7 = Dandy's Topper*WMV
| hat8 = Desperado's Hat*WMV
| hat8 = Desperado's Cover*WMV
| hat9 = Desperado's Headgear*WMV
| hat9 = Desperado's Hat*WMV
| hat10 = Django's Stetson
| hat10 = Desperado's Headgear*WMV
| hat11 = Frontier Stetson*WMV
| hat11 = Django's Stetson
| hat12 = Granger's Brim*WMV
| hat12 = Frontier Stetson*WMV
| hat13 = Guerrilla's Headgear*WMV
| hat13 = Granger's Brim*WMV
| hat14 = Gunfighter's Stovepipe*WMV
| hat14 = Guerrilla's Headgear*WMV
| hat15 = Gunfighter's Topper*WMV
| hat15 = Gunfighter's Stovepipe*WMV
| hat16 = High Plains Headgear*GPC*WMV
| hat16 = Gunfighter's Topper*WMV
| hat17 = Judge's Stetson*WMV
| hat17 = High Plains Headgear*GPC*WMV
| hat18 = Lawyer's Stovepipe*WMV
| hat18 = Judge's Stetson*WMV
| hat19 = Maverick's Brim*WMV
| hat19 = Lawyer's Stovepipe*WMV
| hat20 = Matador's Sombrero*WMV
| hat20 = Maverick's Brim*WMV
| hat21 = Mountaineer's Hat*WMV
| hat21 = Matador's Sombrero*WMV
| hat22 = Native Crest*WMV
| hat22 = Mountaineer's Hat*WMV
| hat23 = Prospector's Stetson*WMV
| hat23 = Native Crest*WMV
| hat24 = Raider's Sombrero*WMV
| hat24 = Prospector's Stetson*WMV
| hat25 = Raider's Ten Gallon*WMV
| hat25 = Raider's Sombrero*WMV
| hat26 = Regulator's Brim*WMV
| hat26 = Raider's Ten Gallon*WMV
| hat27 = Rider's Stovepipe*WMV
| hat27 = Regulator's Brim*WMV
| hat28 = Scout's Furs*WMV
| hat28 = Rider's Stovepipe*WMV
| hat29 = The Brim With No Name*WMV
| hat29 = Scout's Furs*WMV
| hat30 = Toreador's Sombrero
| hat30 = The Brim With No Name*WMV
| hat31 = Wanderer's Brim*WMV
| hat31 = Toreador's Sombrero
| hat32 = Wolf Helmet*WMV
| hat32 = Wanderer's Brim*WMV
| hat33 = Workman's Sombrero*WMV
| hat33 = Wolf Helmet*WMV
| hat34 =  
| hat34 = Workman's Sombrero*WMV
| hat35 =  
| outfit1 = Bandillero's Outfit*WMV
| outfit1 = Bandillero's Outfit*WMV
| outfit2 = Banditoad's Poncho*WMV
| outfit2 = Banditoad's Poncho*WMV
Line 83: Line 84:
| outfit16 = Feuder's Serape*WMV
| outfit16 = Feuder's Serape*WMV
| outfit17 = Fusilier's Shell Jacket*WMV
| outfit17 = Fusilier's Shell Jacket*WMV
| outfit18 = Gunner's Bandolier*WMV
| outfit18 = Guerrilla's Frock Coat*WMV
| outfit19 = Gunner's Pauldron*WMV
| outfit19 = Gunner's Bandolier*WMV
| outfit20 = Gunslinger's Duster*WMV
| outfit20 = Gunner's Pauldron*WMV
| outfit21 = Jefe's Suit*WMV
| outfit21 = Gunslinger's Duster*WMV
| outfit22 = Lieutenant's Knit Frock Coat*WMV
| outfit22 = Jefe's Suit*WMV
| outfit23 = Lookout's Buckskins*WMV
| outfit23 = Lieutenant's Knit Frock Coat*WMV
| outfit24 = Mercenary's Uniform
| outfit24 = Lookout's Buckskins*WMV
| outfit25 = Peone's Manto*WMV
| outfit25 = Mercenary's Uniform
| outfit26 = Picket Trenchcoat
| outfit26 = Peone's Manto*WMV
| outfit27 = Pioneer's Buckskins*WMV
| outfit27 = Picket Trenchcoat
| outfit28 = Raider's Sack Coat*WMV
| outfit28 = Pioneer's Buckskins*WMV
| outfit29 = Raider's Shell Jacket*WMV
| outfit29 = Raider's Sack Coat*WMV
| outfit30 = Ranch Hand's Breeches*WMV
| outfit30 = Raider's Shell Jacket*WMV
| outfit31 = Rancher's Duds*WMV
| outfit31 = Ranch Hand's Breeches*WMV
| outfit32 = Sapper's Overalls*WMV
| outfit32 = Rancher's Duds*WMV
| outfit33 = Scout's Buckskins*WMV
| outfit33 = Sapper's Overalls*WMV
| outfit34 = Sheriff's Livery*WMV
| outfit34 = Scout's Buckskins*WMV
| outfit35 = Sky Liner's Topcoat*WMV
| outfit35 = Sheriff's Livery*WMV
| outfit36 = Slouch Coat*WMV
| outfit36 = Sky Liner's Topcoat*WMV
| outfit37 = Soldier's Attire*WMV
| outfit37 = Slouch Coat*WMV
| outfit38 = Stranger's Serape
| outfit38 = Soldier's Attire*WMV
| outfit39 = Thunder Raiments*WMV
| outfit39 = Stranger's Serape
| outfit40 = Tracker's Coat*WMV
| outfit40 = Thunder Raiments*WMV
| outfit41 = Trooper's Costume*WMV
| outfit41 = Tracker's Coat*WMV
| outfit42 = Vagabond's Breastplate*WMV
| outfit42 = Trooper's Costume*WMV
| outfit43 = Vaquero's Get-Up*WMV
| outfit43 = Vagabond's Breastplate*WMV
| outfit44 = Veteran's Breastplate*WMV
| outfit44 = Vaquero's Get-Up*WMV
| outfit45 = Veteran's Serape
| outfit45 = Veteran's Breastplate*WMV
| outfit46 = Walker's Plate*WMV
| outfit46 = Veteran's Serape
| outfit47 = Wanderer's Iron*WMV
| outfit47 = Walker's Plate*WMV
| outfit48 = Wrangler's Outfit*WMV
| outfit48 = Wanderer's Iron*WMV
| outfit49 =  
| outfit49 = Wrangler's Outfit*WMV
| outfit50 =  
| boots1 = Baler's Boots*WMV
| boots1 = Baler's Boots*WMV
| boots2 = Bandito's Shoes*WMV
| boots2 = Bandito's Shoes*WMV
Line 139: Line 141:
| boots23 = Rancher's Boots*WMV
| boots23 = Rancher's Boots*WMV
| boots24 = Scout's Hiking Boots*WMV
| boots24 = Scout's Hiking Boots*WMV
| boots25 = Shootist's Shoes*WMV
| boots25 = Sgt-Major's Boots*WMV
| boots26 = Teniente's Sack Boots*WMV
| boots26 = Shootist's Shoes*WMV
| boots27 = Warclub Wraps*WMV
| boots27 = Teniente's Sack Boots*WMV
| boots28 = Warden's Sack Boots*WMV
| boots28 = Warclub Wraps*WMV
| boots29 = Windflyer's Wraps*WMV
| boots29 = Warden's Sack Boots*WMV
| boots30 = Wrangler's Boots*WMV
| boots30 = Windflyer's Wraps*WMV
| boots31 =  
| boots31 = Wrangler's Boots*WMV
| boots32 =  
| weapon1 = Big Medicine Set*WMV
| weapon1 = Big Medicine Set*WMV
| weapon2 = Bison Chief's Spear*WMV
| weapon2 = Bison Chief's Spear*WMV
Line 162: Line 165:
| weapon15 = Lucidity*WMV
| weapon15 = Lucidity*WMV
| weapon16 = Medicine Staff*WMV
| weapon16 = Medicine Staff*WMV
| weapon17 = Novillero's Duelling Set*WMV
| weapon17 = Miner's Torch*WMV
| weapon18 = Rusty Machete*WMV
| weapon18 = Novillero's Duelling Set*WMV
| weapon19 = Silver Revolver*WMV
| weapon19 = Rusty Machete*WMV
| weapon20 = Stallion Set*WMV
| weapon20 = Silver Revolver*WMV
| weapon21 =  
| weapon21 = Stallion Set*WMV
| weapon22 =  
| totem1 = Arroyo Charm*WMV
| totem1 = Arroyo Charm*WMV
| totem2 = Badge of Distinction*WMV
| totem2 = Badge of Distinction*WMV
Line 269: Line 273:
| ring28 = Mother Spider's Signet*WMV
| ring28 = Mother Spider's Signet*WMV
| ring29 = Outlaw's Ring*WMV
| ring29 = Outlaw's Ring*WMV
| ring30 = Teamster's Band*WMV
| ring30 = Outlaw's Signet*WMV
| ring31 =  
| ring31 = Teamster's Band*WMV
| ring32 =  
| pet1 =  
| pet1 =  
| snack1 = Banana Burger*WMV
| snack1 = Banana Burger*WMV

Latest revision as of 08:52, 9 June 2019


(Creature) Banditoad Soldier (Banditoad Gulch).png


Cool Ranch - Banditoad Gulch
Appears With: Banditoad Sergeant (Banditoad Gulch), Banditoad Veteran (Banditoad Gulch), Salamander Stabber (Banditoad Gulch)

This creature must be fought by mid-range Pirates to collect Thread for completing the quest And Sew It Goes.

Remember, orange-named creatures are tougher than you, yellow-named creatures are near your level, and grey-named creatures are weaker than you.
(Creature) Banditoad Soldier (Banditoad Gulch) 19.png
Level 19 - Toad (Musketeer)
Banditoad Soldier
430 Health
Pirate (Rank 1)
Return Fire (Rank 1)
Double Tap (Rank 1)
(Creature) Banditoad Soldier (Banditoad Gulch) 20.png
Level 20 - Toad (Musketeer)
Banditoad Soldier
466 Health
Pirate (Rank 1)
Return Fire (Rank 1)
Double Tap (Rank 1)
(Creature) Banditoad Soldier (Banditoad Gulch) 21.png
Level 21 - Toad (Musketeer)
Banditoad Soldier
641 Health
Pirate (Rank 1)
Return Fire (Rank 1)
Double Tap (Rank 1)

Quest Appearances

Sombrero Love
Tax Relief
And Sew It Goes

Creature Drops

Gold: 19 - 252 (per creature chest in tactical battleboard combat)


[Army Scout's Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[Army Scout's Helmet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Boonie Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[Buckaroo's Hat]
[Cavalier's Headgear]
[Cavalier's Sombrero]
[Dandy's Topper] (Icon) WMV.png
[Desperado's Cover] (Icon) WMV.png
[Desperado's Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Desperado's Headgear] (Icon) WMV.png
[Django's Stetson]
[Frontier Stetson] (Icon) WMV.png
[Granger's Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[Guerrilla's Headgear] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunfighter's Stovepipe] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunfighter's Topper] (Icon) WMV.png
[High Plains Headgear] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Judge's Stetson] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lawyer's Stovepipe] (Icon) WMV.png
[Maverick's Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[Matador's Sombrero] (Icon) WMV.png
[Mountaineer's Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Native Crest] (Icon) WMV.png
[Prospector's Stetson] (Icon) WMV.png
[Raider's Sombrero] (Icon) WMV.png
[Raider's Ten Gallon] (Icon) WMV.png
[Regulator's Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[Rider's Stovepipe] (Icon) WMV.png
[Scout's Furs] (Icon) WMV.png
[The Brim With No Name] (Icon) WMV.png
[Toreador's Sombrero]
[Wanderer's Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[Wolf Helmet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Workman's Sombrero] (Icon) WMV.png


[Bandillero's Outfit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Banditoad's Poncho] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bolter's Bandolier]
[Caballero's Traje] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cad's Greatcoat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cayuse's Plate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Capitano's Plate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Charger's Shell Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Coronel's Sack Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowboy's Outfit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Deputy's Duster] (Icon) WMV.png
[Django's Plate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ensign's Shell Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Federale's Sack Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Feuder's Coat]
[Feuder's Serape] (Icon) WMV.png
[Fusilier's Shell Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Guerrilla's Frock Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunner's Bandolier] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunner's Pauldron] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunslinger's Duster] (Icon) WMV.png
[Jefe's Suit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lieutenant's Knit Frock Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lookout's Buckskins] (Icon) WMV.png
[Mercenary's Uniform]
[Peone's Manto] (Icon) WMV.png
[Picket Trenchcoat]
[Pioneer's Buckskins] (Icon) WMV.png
[Raider's Sack Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Raider's Shell Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ranch Hand's Breeches] (Icon) WMV.png
[Rancher's Duds] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sapper's Overalls] (Icon) WMV.png
[Scout's Buckskins] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sheriff's Livery] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sky Liner's Topcoat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Slouch Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Soldier's Attire] (Icon) WMV.png
[Stranger's Serape]
[Thunder Raiments] (Icon) WMV.png
[Tracker's Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Trooper's Costume] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Breastplate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vaquero's Get-Up] (Icon) WMV.png
[Veteran's Breastplate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Veteran's Serape]
[Walker's Plate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Wanderer's Iron] (Icon) WMV.png
[Wrangler's Outfit] (Icon) WMV.png


[Baler's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bandito's Shoes] (Icon) WMV.png
[Caballero's Botas] (Icon) WMV.png
[Caballero's Stirrups] (Icon) WMV.png
[Captain's Heavy Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Deputy's Stirrups]
[Guerrilla's Zapatas] (Icon) WMV.png
[Infantry Heavy Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lieutenant's Heavy Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Loader's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Marauder's Shell Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Mariachi's Spurs]
[Marine's Shell Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Musico's Spurs]
[Pathfinder's Sandals] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Peasant's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Peasant's Workboots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Pioneer's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Primer's Shell Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Raider's Jackboots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Raider's Shell Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Rancher's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Scout's Hiking Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sgt-Major's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Shootist's Shoes] (Icon) WMV.png
[Teniente's Sack Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Warclub Wraps] (Icon) WMV.png
[Warden's Sack Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Windflyer's Wraps] (Icon) WMV.png
[Wrangler's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png


[Big Medicine Set] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bison Chief's Spear] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bone Daggers] (Icon) WMV.png
[Boomstick] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cavalry Buckler] (Icon) WMV.png
[Coup Stick] (Icon) WMV.png
[Coup Stick Set] (Icon) WMV.png
[Discarded Armada Halberd] (Icon) WMV.png
[Double-Eagle Revolver] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dynamo Dragoons] (Icon) WMV.png
[Grapeshot Revolver] (Icon) WMV.png
[Great Spirit Set] (Icon) WMV.png
[Infantryman's Blades] (Icon) WMV.png
[LeMat Special] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lucidity] (Icon) WMV.png
[Medicine Staff] (Icon) WMV.png
[Miner's Torch] (Icon) WMV.png
[Novillero's Duelling Set] (Icon) WMV.png
[Rusty Machete] (Icon) WMV.png
[Silver Revolver] (Icon) WMV.png
[Stallion Set] (Icon) WMV.png



[Arroyo Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Badge of Distinction] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bailiff's Badge]
[Bandit's Secret Pouch] (Icon) WMV.png
[Captain Gold's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cooper's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cooper's Roost Territory Token] (Icon) WMV.png
[Deputized Enforcer's Bag] (Icon) WMV.png
[Distinctive Totem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Fortune-teller's Talisman] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gold Star of Courage] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lawman's Bag of Esteem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lawman's Talisman] (Icon) WMV.png
[Marksman's Talisman] (Icon) WMV.png
[Markswoman's Silver Satchel] (Icon) WMV.png
[Marshal's Golden Bag] (Icon) WMV.png
[Marshal's Satchel] (Icon) WMV.png
[Medal of Honor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ranger's Bag] (Icon) WMV.png
[Revenger's Totem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Santo Pollo Marshal's Badge] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sentinel's Satchel] (Icon) WMV.png
[Serpent's Triumph] (Icon) WMV.png
[Silver Star Bag] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sniper's Talisman] (Icon) WMV.png
[Star of Bravery] (Icon) WMV.png
[Superior Silver Satchel] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Silver Satchel] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Token] (Icon) WMV.png
[Van Fossen's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vandal's Stolen Bag] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vigilante's Bag] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vindicator's Bag of Glory] (Icon) WMV.png
[Wanderer's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png


[Archer's Rhombus] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bandana de Pistolero] (Icon) WMV.png
[Big Sky Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Big Sky Flower] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bison's Rhombus] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bolo de Bravos] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bolo de Medicina] (Icon) WMV.png
[Buck's Luckier Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Buck's Luckiest Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Coachman's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Bandana] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Bolo] (Icon) WMV.png
[Drover's Charm]
[Estrella de Cazador] (Icon) WMV.png
[Estrella de Defensor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Estrella de Invasor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Estrella de Medecina] (Icon) WMV.png
[Estrella de Tortuga] (Icon) WMV.png
[Falcon Web] (Icon) WMV.png
[Flor de Vigor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Fusilero's Necktie] (Icon) WMV.png
[Guerilla's Weave] (Icon) WMV.png
[Guerilla's Web] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunslinger's Bolo] (Icon) WMV.png
[Hawkeye's Totem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lookout's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Magician's Web] (Icon) WMV.png
[Outlaw's Braid] (Icon) WMV.png
[Outlaw's Necktie]
[Outlaw's Totem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Patron's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Peone's Bowtie] (Icon) WMV.png
[Peone's Totem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Prenda de Invasor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Spider Web] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sunstar] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vigorous Charm] (Icon) WMV.png


[Anillo de Cazador] (Icon) WMV.png
[Anillo de Defensor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Anillo de Medicina] (Icon) WMV.png
[Anillo de Vigor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Archer's Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Archer's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Armadillo Band] (Icon) WMV.png
[Aro de Bravos] (Icon) WMV.png
[Aro de Invasor] (Icon) WMV.png
[Aro de Medicina] (Icon) WMV.png
[Banditoad's Band] (Icon) WMV.png
[Big Sky Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Big Sky Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bronco Buster's Band] (Icon) WMV.png
[Buck's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Circulo de Hechizo] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Coyote's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Drover's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Fusilero's Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Guerilla's Ring]
[Guerilla's Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunslinger's Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lookout's Loop] (Icon) WMV.png
[Luchador's Loop] (Icon) WMV.png
[Mother Spider's Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Mother Spider's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Outlaw's Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Outlaw's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Teamster's Band] (Icon) WMV.png



Pet Snacks

Banana Burger (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Sandwich (Icon) WMV.png
Buffaloon Patties (Icon) WMV.png
Cactopus (Icon) WMV.png
Chilly Con Queso (Icon) WMV.png
Junction Jerky (Icon) WMV.png
Lemon Pepper Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Sasperilla (Icon) WMV.png
Wholly Frijoles (Icon) WMV.png

Pet Gear



Bucket of Water (Icon) WMV.png
Closed-Off Well (Icon) WMV.png
Cool Ranch Landscape Painting (Icon) WMV.png
Country Chair (Icon) WMV.png
Dusty Bush (Icon) WMV.png
Hanging Keyring (Icon) WMV.png
Hay Bale (Icon) WMV.png
Hitchin' Post
Miner's Hat (Icon) WMV.png
Patterned Woven Rug (Icon) WMV.png
Prickly Pear Cactus (Icon) WMV.png
Spare Parts (Icon) WMV.png
Steamer Trunk (Icon) WMV.png
Tribal Woven Rug (Icon) WMV.png
Villa Stone Wall
Water Trough (Icon) WMV.png
Wood Skeleton Key (Icon) WMV.png


(Dropped by Group Plunder Chests)

Agility Doubloon (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Critical Boost (Icon) WMV.png
Galewind (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Glacier (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Glacier (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Health Doubloon (Level 20) (Icon) WMV.png
Hurricane (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Hurricane (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Jackrabbit Ju-Ju (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Jackrabbit Ju-Ju (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Maelstrom (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Cool Ranch (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Cool Ranch (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Death (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Death (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Shield Wall (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Shield Wall (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Sluggish (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Sluggish (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Strength Doubloon (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Tower Shield (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Tower Shield (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Treasure Bath (Icon) WMV.png
Volcano (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Volcano (Level 25) (Icon) WMV.png
Weapon Power Doubloon (Level 20) (Icon) WMV.png

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