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Difference between revisions of "Creature:Faithless Josef Hawkins"

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Line 87: Line 87:
| boots7 = Corrupted Wushi's Sandals*WMV
| boots7 = Corrupted Wushi's Sandals*WMV
| boots8 = Ki-Rin Rider's Boots
| boots8 = Ki-Rin Rider's Boots
| boots9 = Limehouse Sandals*WMV
| boots9 = Legionary Greaves
| boots10 = Silver Moodha Geta*GPC
| boots10 = Limehouse Sandals*WMV
| boots11 = Turncoat's Boots
| boots11 = Silver Moodha Geta*GPC
| boots12 = Verbero's Shoes
| boots12 = Turncoat's Boots
| boots13 = Verbero's Shoes
| weapon1 = Bound Oni's Bulwark
| weapon1 = Bound Oni's Bulwark
| weapon2 = Dragon-Axe of Doom*WMV
| weapon2 = Dragon-Axe of Doom*WMV
Line 212: Line 213:
| house39 = Small Tatami Floor Mat
| house39 = Small Tatami Floor Mat
| house40 = Snow Globe*CR*GPC*HOL
| house40 = Snow Globe*CR*GPC*HOL
| house41 = Solar Obelisk
| house41 = Soda Barrels
| house42 = Stake Fence*WMV
| house42 = Solar Obelisk
| house43 = Statue of Hyottoko
| house43 = Stake Fence*WMV
| house44 = Statue of Koto*WMV
| house44 = Statue of Hyottoko
| house45 = Statue of St. Bernard
| house45 = Statue of Koto*WMV
| house46 = Statue of St. Hubert
| house46 = Statue of St. Bernard
| house47 = Tree Obelisk*WMV
| house47 = Statue of St. Hubert
| house48 = Windjammer Game*CR
| house48 = Tree Obelisk*WMV
| house49 = Windswept Tree
| house49 = Windjammer Game*CR
| house50 = Winged Chariot
| house50 = Windswept Tree
| house51 = Witchdoctor Stocking*CR*GPC*HOL
| house51 = Winged Chariot
| house52 = Wooden Pedestal
| house52 = Witchdoctor Stocking*CR*GPC*HOL
| house53 = Youkai's Bonsai*WMV
| house53 = Wooden Pedestal
| house54 =  
| house54 = Youkai's Bonsai*WMV
| house55 =  
| doubloon1 = Accuracy Doubloon (Level 65)
| doubloon1 = Accuracy Doubloon (Level 65)
| doubloon2 = Accuracy Doubloon (Level 70)
| doubloon2 = Accuracy Doubloon (Level 70)

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(Creature) Faithless Josef Hawkins.png


MooShu - The Paths of Penance - Tower of Moo Manchu
Minions: Disloyal Lynne Finkle, Ignoble Jonathan Ashburn, Insensitive Faye Jennings, Unreliable Benjamin Wright

  • The Second Chance Chest, Nefarious Five's Loot Chest, will appear after defeating these bosses.

  • The Manchurian Elixir will be in the middle of the battleboard. This item is available to any pirate in the battle until either a pirate drinks it or one of The Nefarious Five dies. Drinking the elixir will align the pirate with the enemy team; the player will lose control of their character. Buffs previously placed upon the pirate will be carried over when the pirate turns. Turned pirates can use doubloons.

Remember, orange-named creatures are tougher than you, yellow-named creatures are near your level, and grey-named creatures are weaker than you.
(Creature) Faithless Josef Hawkins 65.png
Level 65 - Pirate (Buccaneer) - Boss
The Nefarious Five
4,854 Health
Pirate (Rank 1)
Turn the Tide (Rank 3)
Hold the Line (Rank 3)
Blade Storm (Rank 3)
Vengeance Strike (Rank 3)
Flames of Corruption
Vicious Charge
Brutal Charge
Assassin's Strike

Quest Appearances

The Tower of Moo Manchu

Creature Drops

Gold: 149 - 15,150 (per creature chest in tactical battleboard combat)


[Auric Peril Hood] (Icon) WMV.png
[Blue Anemone Hachimaki] (Icon) WMV.png
[Centipede Zukin] (Icon) WMV.png
[Chou Sou Kasa]
[Corrupted Samoorai's Hotokedo] (Icon) WMV.png
[Corrupted Warlord's Headgear]
[Corrupted Wushi's Hat] (Icon) Chest.png
[Dak Fang Headband] (Icon) WMV.png
[Death Lily Kusari] (Icon) Chest.png
[Ivory Lotus Cap] (Icon) WMV.png
[Limehouse Kasa] (Icon) WMV.png
[Manchu Disciple Cap] (Icon) WMV.png
[Moo Ichi Headband] (Icon) WMV.png
[Orange Blossom Cap]
[Silver Moodha Hotokedo] (Icon) Chest.png
[Turncoat's Cap]
[Venal Sage's Crown] (Icon) Chest.png
[White Heron Crown] (Icon) WMV.png
[Zayat Kasa]


[Auric Peril Garb] (Icon) WMV.png
[Blue Anemone Gi] (Icon) WMV.png
[Centipede Shozoku]
[Corrupted Archer's Jacket]
[Corrupted Samoorai's Yoroi]
[Corrupted Warlord's O-Yoroi] (Icon) Chest.png
[Corrupted Wushi's Robe]
[Chou Sou Hitatare]
[Dak Fang Gi] (Icon) WMV.png
[Devil Doctor Silks] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Hippeis' Corselet]
[Ivory Lotus Silks] (Icon) WMV.png
[Limehouse Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Manchu Disciple Robe]
[Orange Blossom Robes] (Icon) WMV.png
[Silver Moodha Armor] (Icon) Chest.png
[Turncoat's Uniform]
[White Heron Raiment] (Icon) WMV.png
[Wu Gong Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Zayat Jacket]


[Auric Peril Boots]
[Centipede Shinguards]
[Centipede Slippers]
[Corrupted Samoorai's Geta] (Icon) WMV.png
[Corrupted Shinobi's Tabi]
[Corrupted Warlord's Boots]
[Corrupted Wushi's Sandals] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ki-Rin Rider's Boots]
[Legionary Greaves]
[Limehouse Sandals] (Icon) WMV.png
[Silver Moodha Geta] (Icon) Chest.png
[Turncoat's Boots]
[Verbero's Shoes]


[Bound Oni's Bulwark]
[Dragon-Axe of Doom] (Icon) WMV.png
[Nefarious Knives] (Icon) WMV.png
[Nefarious Novablaster] (Icon) WMV.png
[Nefarious Staff] (Icon) WMV.png


[Baron Samedi's Masque] (Icon) WMV.png
[Deadeye's Patch] (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png
[Death's Bargain] (Icon) WMV.png
[Masque of the Lotus]


[Bauble of Moo Manchu]
[Bauble of Sumuru]
[Death Spore Talisman] (Icon) WMV.png
[Jewel of Sumuru] (Icon) WMV.png
[Jewel of Moo Manchu]
[Ornament of Sumuru]
[Talisman of Moo Manchu]
[Talisman of Sumuru] (Icon) WMV.png
[Token of Moo Manchu]
[Token of Sumuru] (Icon) WMV.png


[Oland's Strand]
[Right Hand Chain] (Icon) WMV.png
[Right Hand Locket]
[Seven Lamps Amulet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Seven Lamps Chain] (Icon) WMV.png
[Seven Lamps Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Seven Lamps Locket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Seven Lamps Strand] (Icon) WMV.png


[Black Pearl Annulet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Black Pearl Band]
[Black Pearl Circle]
[Black Pearl Loop] (Icon) WMV.png
[Black Pearl Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Brain Thief Loop]
[Chu Khan's Loop] (Icon) Chest.png
[Finkle's Loop] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Jennings' Ring] (Icon) Chest.png
[Master Li's Ring]


Batacuda (Normal) (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png
Corrupted Ki-Rin (Icon) WMV.png


Coral Widow (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png
Corrupted Celestial Dragon (Icon) WMV.png
Corrupted Imperial Lion (Icon) WMV.png
Mistletoad (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png (Holiday only)
Silver Buffaloon (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png

Pet Snacks

Banana and Potatoes
Banana Burger
Banana Creole (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Gumbo
Banana Salad (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Soup
Breakfast Tacos (Icon) WMV.png
Chilly Con Queso (Icon) WMV.png
Coconutella (Icon) WMV.png
Deep Fried Banana
Fish Fingers
Golden Pineapple
Jelly Rogers (Icon) WMV.png
Junction Jerky (Icon) WMV.png
Molten Lava Cake (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
Mystery Nuggets (Icon) WMV.png
Pan Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Scrimshaw Swiss (Icon) WMV.png
Stir Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Sugar Skulls
Troggy Taffy (Icon) WMV.png
Wholly Frijoles (Icon) WMV.png

Pet Gear



Aquilian Gong
Aquilian Dual Brazier‎
Aquilian Vendor Hut
Cook Pit (Icon) WMV.png
Crane Obelisk (Icon) WMV.png
Crossed Spears and Shield Display (Icon) WMV.png
Crypt Wall Torch
Cyclopian Practice Dummy (Icon) WMV.png
Dream Catcher (Icon) WMV.png
Fancy Stone Bench
Four Shelf Bookcase
Framed Dig Site Photo
Framed Krokosphinx Photo (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
Framed Oasis Photo (Icon) WMV.png
Grassy Mound (Icon) WMV.png
Great Moodha Statue
Green and Purple Reindeer Rug (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png (Holiday only)
High Statue Base (Icon) WMV.png
Imperial Shrine
Imperial Statue (Icon) WMV.png
Lantern Post (Icon) WMV.png
Large Tatami Floor Mat (Icon) WMV.png
Monk Statue
Nautical Lamp Post
Obsidian Skeleton Key
Olive Tree (Icon) WMV.png
Ophidian Artwork
Pagoda Shrine (Icon) WMV.png
Pirate's Pub Game (Icon) Crowns.png
Powder Keg Game (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) WMV.png
Red Hydra Wall Mount
Regal Gold Leaf Chair
Rose Bushes
Shoji Screen (Icon) WMV.png
Skull Crate
Small Bison Totem (Icon) WMV.png
Small Stone Pagoda (Icon) WMV.png
Small Tatami Floor Mat
Snow Globe (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png (Holiday only)
Soda Barrels
Solar Obelisk
Stake Fence (Icon) WMV.png
Statue of Hyottoko
Statue of Koto (Icon) WMV.png
Statue of St. Bernard
Statue of St. Hubert
Tree Obelisk (Icon) WMV.png
Windjammer Game (Icon) Crowns.png
Windswept Tree
Winged Chariot
Witchdoctor Stocking (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png (Holiday only)
Wooden Pedestal
Youkai's Bonsai (Icon) WMV.png


(Dropped by Group Plunder Chests)

Accuracy Doubloon (Level 65)
Accuracy Doubloon (Level 70)
Agility Doubloon (Level 65) (Icon) WMV.png
Agility Doubloon (Level 70)
Armor Doubloon (Level 65)
Armor Doubloon (Level 70)
Cautious Retreat (Level 75)
Critical Boost
Dodge Doubloon (Level 70)
Full Retreat (Level 65)
Full Retreat (Level 75)
Galewind (Level 75)
Glacier (Level 65)
Health Doubloon (Level 65)
Health Doubloon (Level 70)
Hurricane (Level 65) (Icon) WMV.png
Hurricane (Level 75)
Jackrabbit Ju-Ju (Level 65)
Jackrabbit Ju-Ju (Level 75)
Maelstrom (Level 65)
Maelstrom (Level 75)
Magic Resist Doubloon (Level 70)
Mark of Aquila (Level 65) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Death (Level 65)
Mark of Death (Level 75)
Mojo Bolt (Level 65)
Movement Doubloon (Level 60)
Movement Doubloon (Level 70)
Retreat (Level 65)
Retreat (Level 75)
Shield Wall (Level 75)
Sluggish (Level 65)
Sluggish (Level 75) (Icon) WMV.png
Strength Doubloon (Level 70) (Icon) WMV.png
Sudden Squall (Level 65)
Treasure Bath (Icon) WMV.png
Tower Shield (Level 65)
Tower Shield (Level 75)
Volcano (Level 65) (Icon) WMV.png
Weapon Power Doubloon (Level 65)
Weapon Power Doubloon (Level 70)
Will Doubloon (Level 65)
Will Doubloon (Level 70) (Icon) WMV.png

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