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Line 43: Line 43:
| hat21 = Sode of the Ancient Wind
| hat21 = Sode of the Ancient Wind
| hat22 = Standard Bearer's Coat (Hat)*WMV
| hat22 = Standard Bearer's Coat (Hat)*WMV
| hat23 = Tantojutsu Headband
| hat23 = Tantojutsu Headband*WMV
| hat24 = Ten Tigers Topknot*WMV
| hat24 = Ten Tigers Topknot*WMV
| hat25 = Teppo Ko Gashira's Hat*WMV
| hat25 = Teppo Ko Gashira's Hat*WMV

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(Creature) Friar Sand.png


MooShu - Temple of the East Wind - North Landing
Minion: Lagooney (North Landing)

Friar Sand is the Guardian of the Temple of the East Wind and keeper of a Turtle ball.

Remember, orange-named creatures are tougher than you, yellow-named creatures are near your level, and grey-named creatures are weaker than you.
(Creature) Friar Sand 45.png
Level 45 - Ogre (Buccaneer) - Boss
Celestial Ogre
2,966 Health
Turn the Tide (Rank 2)
Riposte (Rank 2)
Blade Storm (Rank 1)
First Strike (Rank 1)
Relentless (Rank 1)

Quest Appearances

Not Even For You

Creature Drops

Gold: 43 - 1,824 (per creature chest in tactical battleboard combat)


[Asano's Helm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dragonfire Jingasa] (Icon) WMV.png
[Grand Imperial Jingasa]
[Hat of Aiming]
[Hat of Seeking]
[Hato No Kai's Gasa] (Icon) WMV.png
[Inu-Toshi Zukin]
[Iron Fist Hat]
[Iron Skin Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Kaigun Daisa's Jingasa] (Icon) WMV.png
[Linghun's Headgear] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Lord Kamei's Kabuto]
[Mifune's Waikidate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Reckless Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Saffron Waikidate]
[Scattershot Hat]
[Seishin Knot]
[Shaolinquan Gasa]
[Shugendo Crest] (Icon) WMV.png
[Shujinko's Jingasa] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sode of the Ancient Wind]
[Standard Bearer's Coat (Hat)] (Icon) WMV.png
[Tantojutsu Headband] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ten Tigers Topknot] (Icon) WMV.png
[Teppo Ko Gashira's Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Tortoise Shell Helm]
[Veil of the Ki-Rin]
[Yonin Hood] (Icon) WMV.png


[Asano's Yoroi]
[Black Jade Shenyi] (Icon) WMV.png
[Coat of the Ki-Rin]
[Hato No Kai's Garb] (Icon) WMV.png
[Inu-Toshi Shozoku]
[Junguan's Mail] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Kami no Sensei's Garb]
[Lord Kamei's Armor]
[Mifune's Gusoku]
[Oneiromancer's Robes] (Icon) WMV.png
[Saffron Yoroi]
[Seishin Gi]
[Shaolinquan Vestment]
[Shell of the Tortoise] (Icon) WMV.png
[Shugendo Armor]
[Sohei's O-Yoroi]
[Standard Bearer's Coat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Tantojutsu Gi]
[Teppo ko Gashira's Garb]
[Yiban's Do]
[Yiban's O-Yoroi] (Icon) WMV.png
[Yonin Garb]


[Banner Chief's Tabi] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Black Jade Jandals]
[Boots of Binding]
[Boots of Lightning] (Icon) WMV.png
[Boots of Might]
[Boots of Sanctuary] (Icon) WMV.png
[Boots of Sprinting] (Icon) WMV.png
[Boots of the Crane] (Icon) WMV.png
[Boots of the Eagle]
[Boots of the Hidden Blade]
[Boots of Thunder]
[Boots of the Crane]
[Boots of the Golden Sphere] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dragon's Feet]
[Earth Shoes]
[Footwear of the Jade Palace]
[Golden Greaves]
[Greaves of Saffron]
[Hero's Kasa-Jiruchi]
[Kami no Sensei's Geta]
[Oneiromancer's Geta]
[Scattershot Boots]
[Shugendo Jandals]
[Snapshot Greaves]
[Sogeki-Hei's Kusari] (Icon) WMV.png
[Stalker's Boots]
[Tortoise Shell Kusari] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vanguard's Greaves]


[Friar Sand's Unyielding Hirigana] (Icon) WMV.png



[Akuma's Revenge]
[Bear Claw Banner]
[Friar Sand's Gourd] (Icon) WMV.png
[Friar Sand's Medallion] (Icon) WMV.png
[Green Blossom Talisman]
[Hamzo's Beacon]
[Hebi Lantern] (Icon) WMV.png
[Inoshishi Lantern]
[Kujo's Treasured Talisman]
[Lone Okami Beacon]
[Murasaki Lantern]
[Red Cherry Tassel]
[Rina's Generous Gift] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sangha's Ribbon]
[Seikou Token]
[Sensei's Wappan]
[Shihan's Gift]
[Sifu's Token]
[Sora Charm]
[Token of Hakken]
[Wasenshi Charm]
[White Plum Talisman]


[Bantam Feather Pendant]
[Bantam's Eye Pendant]
[Bantam's Talon Pendant]
[Bantam's Winged Pendant]
[Dragon's Eye Pendant] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dragon's Scale Pendant]
[Ki-Rin's Hoof Medallion]
[Ki-Rin's Horn Medallion]
[Ki-Rin's Mane Medallion]
[Ki-Rin's Scale Medallion] (Icon) WMV.png
[Serpent's Coil Pendant]
[Serpent's Eye Pendant]
[Serpent's Heart Pendant]
[Serpent's Venom Pendant]
[Tiger's Eye Medallion]
[Tiger's Heart Medallion]
[Tiger's Paw Medallion]


[Bantam Feather Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bantam's Eye Ring]
[Bantam's Heart Seal]
[Bantam's Talon Seal]
[Bantam's Wing Seal]
[Dragon's Eye Gem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dragon's Fang Gem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ki-Rin's Heart Gem]
[Ki-Rin's Horn Gem]
[Ki-Rin's Scale Gem]
[Serpent's Coil Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Serpent's Heart Seal]
[Serpent's Scale Seal]
[Tiger's Paw Seal]
[Tiger's Eye Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Tiger's Claw Seal]


Flying Turtle (Average) (Icon) Chest.png


Ebon Spectre (Icon) Crowns.png
Silver Buffaloon (Icon) Crowns.png (Icon) Chest.png
Tawny Sky Turtle

Pet Snacks

Banana and Potatoes (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Gumbo (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Kabobs (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Stew (Icon) WMV.png
Coconutella (Icon) WMV.png
Deep Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Golden Pineapple (Icon) WMV.png
Jelly Rogers (Icon) WMV.png
Junction Jerky (Icon) WMV.png
Molten Lava Cake (Icon) WMV.png
Pan Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Scrimshaw Swiss (Icon) WMV.png
Stir Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Troggy Taffy (Icon) WMV.png
Watermolen (Icon) WMV.png

Pet Gear



Coin Drop Game (Icon) Crowns.png
Cook Pit
Grassy Mound
Large Tatami Floor Mat
Monk Statue
Pagoda-Shaped Urn
Statue of Koto
Wooden Watchtower
Windswept Tree
Small Tatami Floor Mat
Statue of Hyottoko
Windjammer Game (Icon) Crowns.png


(Dropped by Group Plunder Chests)

Agility Doubloon (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Agility Doubloon (Level 50) (Icon) WMV.png
Full Retreat (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Galewind (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Glacier (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Health Doubloon (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Hurricane (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Jackrabbit Ju-Ju (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Magic Resist Doubloon (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Death (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Marleybone (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of MooShu (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Mojo Bolt (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Movement Doubloon (Level 40) (Icon) WMV.png
Retreat (Level 55) (Icon) WMV.png
Sluggish (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Treasure Bath (Icon) WMV.png
Volcano (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Volcano (Level 55) (Icon) WMV.png
Will Doubloon (Level 45) (Icon) WMV.png
Will Doubloon (Level 50) (Icon) WMV.png

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