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Difference between revisions of "Creature:Gorgo"

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Line 170: Line 170:
| outfit64 = Ranger's Armor
| outfit64 = Ranger's Armor
| outfit65 = Rowdy's Get-Up
| outfit65 = Rowdy's Get-Up
| outfit66 = Ruffian's Attire
| outfit66 = Royal Marine's Breastplate
| outfit67 = Sabreur's Vest
| outfit67 = Ruffian's Attire
| outfit68 = Sailor's Jacket
| outfit68 = Sabreur's Vest
| outfit69 = Sailor's Outfit
| outfit69 = Sailor's Jacket
| outfit70 = Shark's Breeks
| outfit70 = Sailor's Outfit
| outfit71 = Skyfarer's Topcoat
| outfit71 = Shark's Breeks
| outfit72 = Skyfarer's Tunic
| outfit72 = Skyfarer's Topcoat
| outfit73 = Sloop Scales
| outfit73 = Skyfarer's Tunic
| outfit74 = Sneak's Attire
| outfit74 = Sloop Scales
| outfit75 = Snitch's Attire
| outfit75 = Sneak's Attire
| outfit76 = Soldier's Corselet
| outfit76 = Snitch's Attire
| outfit77 = Square-Rigged Scales
| outfit77 = Soldier's Corselet
| outfit78 = Squire's Mail
| outfit78 = Square-Rigged Scales
| outfit79 = Staysailor's Kit
| outfit79 = Squire's Mail
| outfit80 = Stede's Kit
| outfit80 = Staysailor's Kit
| outfit81 = Steward's Outfit
| outfit81 = Stede's Kit
| outfit82 = Strongarm's Rings
| outfit82 = Steward's Outfit
| outfit83 = Subaltern's Scales
| outfit83 = Strongarm's Rings
| outfit84 = Trader's Kit
| outfit84 = Subaltern's Scales
| outfit85 = Vagabond's Coat
| outfit85 = Trader's Kit
| outfit86 = Varmint's Breeches
| outfit86 = Vagabond's Coat
| outfit87 = Varmint's Uniform
| outfit88 = Varmint's Breeches
| outfit88 = Venturer's Outfit
| outfit89 = Varmint's Uniform
| outfit89 = Yeoman's Rings
| outfit90 = Venturer's Outfit
| outfit90 =  
| outfit91 = Yeoman's Rings
| outfit92 =  
| boots1 = Admiral's Boots*WMV
| boots1 = Admiral's Boots*WMV
| boots2 = Armorer's Sollerets
| boots2 = Armorer's Sollerets
Line 254: Line 255:
| weapon3 = Bronze Wand
| weapon3 = Bronze Wand
| weapon4 = Dojo Jo Staff
| weapon4 = Dojo Jo Staff
| weapon5 = Double-Pronged Sai
| weapon5 = Dojo Set
| weapon6 = Hand Crossbows
| weapon6 = Double-Pronged Sai
| weapon7 = Hand Slingbows
| weapon7 = Hand Crossbows
| weapon8 = Mantis Set
| weapon8 = Hand Slingbows
| weapon9 = Monk's Glaive
| weapon9 = Mantis Set
| weapon10 = Monk's Spear
| weapon10 = Monk's Glaive
| weapon11 = Nan-dao
| weapon11 = Monk's Spear
| weapon12 = Ninja Blades
| weapon12 = Nan-dao
| weapon13 = Ronin Gear
| weapon13 = Ninja Blades
| weapon14 = Sling-Bow
| weapon14 = Ronin Gear
| weapon15 = Spy's Kit
| weapon15 = Sling-Bow
| weapon16 = Tengu Staff
| weapon16 = Spy's Kit
| weapon17 = Tetsubo
| weapon17 = Tengu Staff
| weapon18 = Wind and Fire Wheels
| weapon18 = Tetsubo
| weapon19 =  
| weapon19 = Wind and Fire Wheels
| weapon20 =  
| totem1 = Brown Expedition Journal
| totem1 = Brown Expedition Journal
| totem2 = Chiseled Spyglass
| totem2 = Chiseled Spyglass
Line 282: Line 284:
| totem12 = Major's Charm
| totem12 = Major's Charm
| totem13 = Mighty Hunter's Idol
| totem13 = Mighty Hunter's Idol
| totem14 = Quinn's Diary
| totem14 = Professor Brown's Almanac
| totem15 = Scrivener's Log
| totem15 = Quinn's Diary
| totem16 = Shining Talisman*WMV
| totem16 = Scrivener's Log
| totem17 = Spearman's Tiki
| totem17 = Shining Talisman*WMV
| totem18 = Van Fossen's Diary
| totem18 = Spearman's Tiki
| totem19 = Waponi Statue
| totem19 = Van Fossen's Diary
| totem20 =  
| totem20 = Waponi Statue
| totem21 =  
| accessory1 = Skull Island Earring (Left)
| accessory1 = Skull Island Earring (Left)
| accessory2 = Skull Island Earring (Right)
| accessory2 = Skull Island Earring (Right)
Line 320: Line 323:
| ring6 = Iron Ring
| ring6 = Iron Ring
| ring7 = Jade Seal
| ring7 = Jade Seal
| ring8 = Officer's Signet
| ring8 = Magician's Skull
| ring9 = Old One's Signet
| ring9 = Officer's Signet
| ring10 = Ring of Revenge
| ring10 = Old One's Signet
| ring11 = Skull Ring
| ring11 = Ring of Revenge
| ring12 = Skyfarer's Charm
| ring12 = Skull Ring
| ring13 = Sniper's Ring
| ring13 = Skyfarer's Charm
| ring14 = Summoning Seal
| ring14 = Sniper's Ring
| ring15 = Vagabond Signet
| ring15 = Summoning Seal
| ring16 =  
| ring16 = Vagabond Signet
| ring17 =  
<!-- Screenshot Verification for Pet Drops are required to be posted in the Wiki Forums. -->
<!-- Screenshot Verification for Pet Drops are required to be posted in the Wiki Forums. -->
| pet1 = Quackosaurus
| pet1 = Quackosaurus

Revision as of 13:11, 12 October 2019


(Creature) Gorgo.png


Skull Island - Flotsam - Gorgo's Hold
Minions: Waponi Spearman (Gorgo's Hold), Waponi Slingman (Gorgo's Hold), Waponi Witchdoctor (Gorgo's Hold), Water Mole Spearman (Gorgo's Hold)

"You dare face me? Gorgo teach you to be afraid of the dark!"

Reinforcements, Water Mole Spearman and Waponi Slingman, will repeatedly join the battle until Gorgo is defeated.
This instance is repeatable, even after completing Bigger Guns.

Remember, orange-named creatures are tougher than you, yellow-named creatures are near your level, and grey-named creatures are weaker than you.
(Creature) Gorgo 37.png
Level 37 - Waponi Spirit Caller (Witchdoctor) - Boss
Waponi Spirit Caller
1,698 Health
Improved Mojo Blast (Rank 2)

Quest Appearances

Bigger Guns

Creature Drops

Gold: 35-918 (per creature chest in tactical battleboard combat)


[Able Sailor's Toque]
[Aboriginal Coronet]
[Adventurer's Burgonet]
[Ancient Headdress]
[Apprentice's Tricorne] (Icon) WMV.png
[Barbarian's Cap]
[Barbarian's Skullcap]
[Bargemaster's Casque]
[Battery Officer's Cap]
[Blacksmith's Helm]
[Bodyguard's Burgonet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bodyguard's Capeline]
[Bodyguard's Skullcap]
[Brigadier's Morion]
[Bulwark Helmet]
[Campaigner's Helm]
[Cavalier's Cabasset]
[Cavalier's Helmet]
[Courser's Casque]
[Dire Headgear]
[Doctor's Headdress]
[Explorer's Cabasset]
[Explorer's Skullcap]
[Firstmate's Scarf]
[Flagship Bicorne]
[Flynn's Casque]
[Freebooter's Capeline]
[Freebooter's Skullcap]
[Freelancer's Helmet]
[Gold Hunter's Helm]
[Grapnel Helm]
[Gun Crew's Bicorne]
[Gunner's Bicorne]
[Hunter's Headdress]
[Jiraiya's Hood]
[Jungle Helmet]
[Madcap's Plume]
[Mariner's Casque]
[Mask of the Tenth Dan]
[Mercenary's Cabasset]
[Mercenary's Helm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Merchant's Tricorne]
[Mourner's Hat]
[Officer's Cap]
[Officer's Toboggan]
[Pillager's Helmet]
[Pirate's Bicorne]
[Plundering Helm]
[Purser's Casque]
[Ranger's Helm]
[Ranger's Helmet]
[Rowdy's Tricorne]
[Samoorai's Mempo]
[Scoundrel's Cap]
[Scoundrel's Capitano]
[Seer's Brim]
[Sharkfin Sallet]
[Shock Trooper's Helm]
[Skiff Helmet]
[Sky Warrior's Helm]
[Sniper's Monmouth]
[Snitch's Cap]
[Soldier's Burgonet]
[Soldier's Morion]
[Spooky Stovepipe]
[Square Rigged Helm]
[Stede's Helm]
[Tenkai's Zukin]
[Tracker's Cap]
[Vagabond's Cap]
[Vagabond's Headgear]
[Vagabond's Scarf]
[Vanguard's Cabasset]
[Vanguard's Helmet]
[Vanguard's Skullcap]
[Volunteer's Casque]
[Warrior's Cap]


[Adventurer's Mail]
[Arbalest's Gambeson]
[Bargemaster's Armor]
[Black Hawk Scales]
[Blackguard's Plate]
[Bodyguard's Outfit]
[Bojutsu Outfit]
[Bowline Rings]
[Broadsworder's Plate]
[Bulwark Corselet]
[Campaign Mail]
[Cannoneer's Kit]
[Captain's Outfit]
[Cartographer's Plate]
[Castaway's Outfit]
[Colonial's Greatcoat]
[Colonial's Kit]
[Conscript's Plate]
[Cook's Bandolier]
[Corsair's Corselet]
[Corsair's Outfit (Light Armor)]
[Corsair's Sash] (Icon) WMV.png
[Corsair's Scales]
[Devil Ship Scales]
[Dog Soldier's Robes]
[Dog's Uniform]
[Dreadnought Mail]
[Duke's Kit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Enlistee's Scales]
[Explorer's Breastplate]
[Explorer's Kit]
[Firstmate's Uniform]
[Flynn's Rings]
[Forage Jacket]
[Fortuneteller's Beads]
[Freebooter's Jacket]
[Freebooter's Kit]
[Freebooter's Rings]
[Frigate Armor]
[Fronterizo's Plate]
[Galley Garb]
[Gold Hunter's Gear]
[Grapnel Armor]
[Harbor Police Rings]
[Hoodoo Garb]
[Jushi's Vest]
[Kashikan's Kusari]
[Legionaire's Scales]
[Lieutenant's Scales]
[Madcap's Vest]
[Major-General's Hauberk]
[Mariner's Scales]
[Maroon's Jacket]
[Matelot's Plate]
[Merchant's Kit]
[Officer's Overcoat]
[Oniwanbanshu's Mantle]
[Pillager's Armor]
[Pilot's Jacket]
[Pirate Togs]
[Pirate's Corselet]
[Pirate's Outfit]
[Pirate's Plate]
[Ranger's Armor]
[Rowdy's Get-Up]
[Royal Marine's Breastplate]
[Ruffian's Attire]
[Sabreur's Vest]
[Sailor's Jacket]
[Sailor's Outfit]
[Shark's Breeks]
[Skyfarer's Topcoat]
[Skyfarer's Tunic]
[Sloop Scales]
[Sneak's Attire]
[Snitch's Attire]
[Soldier's Corselet]
[Square-Rigged Scales]
[Squire's Mail]
[Staysailor's Kit]
[Stede's Kit]
[Steward's Outfit]
[Strongarm's Rings]
[Subaltern's Scales]
[Trader's Kit]
[Vagabond's Coat]
[Varmint's Breeches]
[Varmint's Uniform]
[Venturer's Outfit]
[Yeoman's Rings]


[Admiral's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Armorer's Sollerets]
[Battery Officer's Boots]
[Blackguard's Boots]
[Bodyguard's Greaves]
[Bojutsu Tabi]
[Brawny Clogs]
[Brigadier's Greaves]
[Captain's Loafers]
[Castaway's Boots]
[Cavalier's Sabatons]
[Cook's Boots]
[Corsair's Shoes]
[Courser's Wellies]
[Crewmate's Clogs]
[Daimyo's Koguke]
[Docker's Boots]
[Ebon Boots]
[Engineer's Boots]
[Firstmate's Boots]
[Firstmate's Stockings]
[Flyer's Boots]
[Forage Boots]
[Fortuneteller's Shoes]
[Freebooter's Spurs]
[Freelancer's Spurs]
[Gun Crew's Boots]
[Jun-i's Boots]
[Madcap's Kicks]
[Magician's Mocassins]
[Major-General's Boots]
[Militia Greaves]
[Monquistador Sabatons]
[Officer's Leggings]
[Officer's Wellies]
[Pirate's Greaves]
[Plunderer's Boots]
[Rodent's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Rodent's Shoes]
[Ruffian's Boots]
[Ruffian's Leggings]
[Sabreur's Sabots]
[Scoundrel's Clogs]
[Sergeant's Greaves]
[Shipwreck's Clogs]
[Shock Trooper's Spurs]
[Sneakthief's Creepers]
[Snitch's Slippers]
[Stevedore's Waders]
[Tent Dan Tabi]
[Vagabond's Boots]
[Vagabond's Gaiters]
[Vagabond's Loafers]
[Yamabushi's Koguke]


[Ancestor's Set]
[Battered Shield]
[Bronze Wand]
[Dojo Jo Staff]
[Dojo Set]
[Double-Pronged Sai]
[Hand Crossbows]
[Hand Slingbows]
[Mantis Set]
[Monk's Glaive]
[Monk's Spear]
[Ninja Blades]
[Ronin Gear]
[Spy's Kit]
[Tengu Staff]
[Wind and Fire Wheels]


[Skull Island Earring (Left)]
[Skull Island Earring (Right)]
[Skull Island Earrings]


[Brown Expedition Journal]
[Chiseled Spyglass]
[Fighter's Tiki]
[Golden Idol]
[Hawes' Ledger]
[Hidden Idol]
[Hidinari's Omamori]
[Infused Tiki]
[Inscribed Spyglass]
[Mahogany Tiki]
[Magician's Charm]
[Major's Charm]
[Mighty Hunter's Idol]
[Professor Brown's Almanac]
[Quinn's Diary]
[Scrivener's Log]
[Shining Talisman] (Icon) WMV.png
[Spearman's Tiki]
[Van Fossen's Diary]
[Waponi Statue]


[Death's Boon]
[Duelist's Necklace]
[Emerald Necklace]
[Grappler's Coin]
[Iron Chain]
[Ki-Rin's Heart Necklace]
[Mambo Talisman]
[Monquistador Necklace]
[Obeah's Beads]
[Officer's Coin]
[Order of Nelson]
[Pendant of Potency]
[Pirate's Necklace]
[Privateer's Doubloon]
[Raider's Medallion]
[Sailor's Chain]
[Shooter's Links]
[Spooky Necklace]
[Valencian Necklace]


[Bandit's Band]
[Eagle-Eye Ring]
[Fighter's Circlet]
[Grizzleheim Signet]
[Ice Bear's Signet]
[Iron Ring]
[Jade Seal]
[Magician's Skull]
[Officer's Signet]
[Old One's Signet]
[Ring of Revenge]
[Skull Ring]
[Skyfarer's Charm]
[Sniper's Ring]
[Summoning Seal]
[Vagabond Signet]




Pet Snacks

Banana and Potatoes
Banana Creole
Banana Gumbo
Banana Kabobs
Banana Salad
Banana Sandwich
Banana Soup
Banana Stew
Breakfast Tacos
Deep Fried Banana
Fish Fingers
Golden Pineapple (Icon) WMV.png
Jelly Rogers
Miranda Migas
Molten Lava Cake
Mystery Nuggets
Pan Fried Banana
Scrimshaw Swiss
Stir Fried Banana
Troggy Taffy
Tumbleweed Toast (Icon) WMV.png
Watermolen (Icon) WMV.png

Pet Gear



Aztecosaur Statue
Basic Side Table
Clockwork Treasure Chest
Corsair's Treasure Chest
Crossed Spears and Shield Display
Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow (Icon) WMV.png
Embroidered Green Couch
Embroidered Regal Pillow (Icon) WMV.png
Embroidered Royal Pillow
Four Shelf Bookcase
Nautical Lamp Post
Pillow fight Pillow
Pirate's Pub Game (Icon) Crowns.png
Red Hydra Wall Mount
Regal Gold Leaf Chair (Icon) WMV.png
Round Stool
Rounded Wooden Table (Icon) WMV.png
Royal Throw Pillow
Skull Crate
Skull Island Cave Floor
Skull Island Cave Wallpaper
Skull Island Tan Brick Wallpaper
Skull Island Wooden Planks Floor
Stake Fence
Stone Skeleton Key
Wood Skeleton Key


(Dropped by Group Plunder Chests)

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