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Line 187: Line 187:
| ring13 = Fusilero's Seal
| ring13 = Fusilero's Seal
| ring14 = Guerilla's Ring
| ring14 = Guerilla's Ring
| ring15 = Gunslinger's Ring*WMV
| ring15 = Guitarrista's Ring
| ring16 = Gunslinger's Seal
| ring16 = Gunslinger's Ring*WMV
| ring17 = Gunslinger's Signet*WMV
| ring17 = Gunslinger's Seal
| ring18 = Lookout's Band
| ring18 = Gunslinger's Signet*WMV
| ring19 = Outlaw's Signet
| ring19 = Lookout's Band
| ring20 = Outlaw's Seal
| ring20 = Outlaw's Signet
| ring21 = Patron's Loop
| ring21 = Outlaw's Seal
| ring22 = Peone's Seal*WMV
| ring22 = Patron's Loop
| ring23 = Peone's Signet*WMV
| ring23 = Peone's Seal*WMV
| ring24 = Searcher's Seal
| ring24 = Peone's Signet*WMV
| ring25 = Sheriff's Jewel
| ring25 = Searcher's Seal
| ring26 = Wrangler's Ring
| ring26 = Sheriff's Jewel
| ring27 = Wrangler's Gemstone
| ring27 = Wrangler's Ring
| ring28 =  
| ring28 = Wrangler's Gemstone
| ring29 =  
| pet1 = Armadillo Verde
| pet1 = Armadillo Verde
| pet2 = Golden Stingtail*CR
| pet2 = Golden Stingtail*CR

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(Creature) Johnny Ringo.png


Cool Ranch - Cooper's Roost - Clark's House
Minions: Red Sash Rifleman (Clark's House), Red Sash Rustler (Clark's House), Red Sash Thug (Clark's House)

Remember, orange-named creatures are tougher than you, yellow-named creatures are near your level, and grey-named creatures are weaker than you.
(Creature) Johnny Ringo 17.png
Level 17 - Mustang (Musketeer) - Boss
Red Sash Outlaw
724 Health
Quick Draw (Rank 2)
Burst Fire (Rank 2)
Double Tap (Rank 1)

Quest Appearances

Scorpion Marks the Spot

Creature Drops

Gold: 15 - 378 (per creature chest in tactical battleboard combat)


[Bajista's Traje]
[Big Storm Crest] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bison Crest]
[Brother Wolf's Crest]
[Buckaroo's Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cad's Stetson]
[Card Shark's Stetson]
[Cowhand's Headgear] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowpoke's Cap]
[Deer Stalker's Crest]
[Dice Roller's Tophat] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Eagle Crest]
[Elder's Headgear]
[Elder's Helmet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Fighter's Brim]
[Fugitive's Stetson] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunner's Brim]
[Hermit's Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[High Noon Stetson]
[High Roller's Ten Gallon] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Marauder's Stetson]
[Mighty Chieftain's Crest] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Mighty Warrior's Crest]
[Novillero's Headgear]
[Owlhoot's Stetson]
[Performer's Hat]
[Pistoleer's Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Preacher's Brim]
[Raider's Helm]
[Rake's Brim]
[Renegade's Cover]
[Sapper's Cap]
[Sneak's Stetson] (Icon) WMV.png
[Station Agent's Stetson]
[Sun Dancer's Crest]
[Windflyer's Weave] (Icon) WMV.png
[Wolf Clan Crest]
[Workman's Sombrero]


[Armadillo Robe]
[Artillery Sash] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Caballero's Outfit]
[Captain's Costume]
[Cattlehand's Livery]
[Claimjumper's Kit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Comanchero's Armor]
[Corporal's Frock Coat]
[Deputy's Duster]
[Drover's Serape] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dry Gulcher's Outfit]
[Eagle's Talons]
[Jackalope Vest]
[Lieutenant's Uniform]
[Lineman's Duds]
[Mantle of Brother Wolf]
[Medicine Coat]
[Mighty Warrior's Robes]
[Performer's Costume]
[Ranch Hand's Breeches] (Icon) WMV.png
[Searcher's Livery] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Stage Driver's Duster]
[Varmint's Duster]
[Veteran's Serape]
[Vigilante's Attire]
[Warrior's Buckskins]


[Adjutant's Heavy Boots] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Armadillo Wraps]
[Bandito's Huaraches]
[Botas de ladron]
[Bumbaloon Wraps]
[Capitano's Heavy Boots]
[Chaplain's Heavy Boots] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Eagle Spirit Shoes]
[Eagle Wraps]
[Federale's Heavy Boots]
[Hermit's Heavy Boots]
[Hermit's Sandals]
[Juniper's Boots]
[Mighty Chieftain's Wraps] (Icon) Chest.png (Icon) WMV.png
[Shootist's Boots]
[Sparkslinger's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Talon Wraps]
[Teamster's Waders]
[Warden's Sack Boots]


[Boomstick] (Icon) WMV.png
[Farrier's Staff] (Icon) WMV.png
[Mismatched Lightnin' Irons]
[Mustang Duelling Set]
[Ringo's Revolvers]
[Sand Witch's Set]


[Cool Ranch Earrings] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cool Ranch Earring (Left)] (Icon) WMV.png


[Arroyo Charm]
[Bailiff's Golden Ribbon] (Icon) WMV.png
[Bronco Buster's Totem]
[Captain Durbin's Medallion] (Icon) WMV.png
[Captain Gold's Charm]
[Captain's Pin] (Icon) WMV.png
[Chief's Totem]
[Coyote's Bag]
[Crow's Bag]
[Detective's Medallion]
[Lawman's Insignia]
[Lawman's Totem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lieutenant's Bag] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lieutenant's Star]
[Marshal's Golden Bag]
[Marshal's Medallion]
[Marshal's Satchel]
[Mayes' Best Satchel] (Icon) WMV.png
[Officer's Pin]
[Outlaw's Totem]
[Pilot's Bag]
[Pollard's Silver Satchel]
[Sears' Cherished Totem]
[Serpent's Triumph]
[Serpent's Victory]
[Silver Star Bag]
[Star of the Accurate Shot] (Icon) WMV.png


[Ancestor's Dreamcatcher]
[Banditoad's Flower]
[Bison's Dreamcatcher]
[Brave's Hoop]
[Brave's Token]
[Bronco Buster's Totem]
[Card Shark's Totem]
[Cowhand's Bandana]
[Cowhand's Bolo]
[Cowhand's Charm]
[Drover's Totem]
[Fusilero's Bow]
[Fusilero's Necktie]
[Guerilla's Weave]
[Gunslinger's Bandana]
[Gunslinger's Totem]
[Lookout's Charm]
[Medicine Circle]
[Mongo's Flower]
[Outlaw's Braid]
[Outlaw's Necktie] (Icon) WMV.png
[Peone's Charm]
[Peone's Totem] (Icon) WMV.png
[Shaman's Hoop] (Icon) WMV.png
[Trickster's Hoop]
[Warrior's Charm]


[Banditoad's Band]
[Bandit's Braid]
[Captain's Band]
[Card Shark's Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cowhand's Signet]
[Drifter's Signet]
[Drover's Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Drover's Seal]
[Drover's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Fusilero's Ring]
[Fusilero's Seal]
[Guerilla's Ring]
[Guitarrista's Ring]
[Gunslinger's Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gunslinger's Seal]
[Gunslinger's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lookout's Band]
[Outlaw's Signet]
[Outlaw's Seal]
[Patron's Loop]
[Peone's Seal] (Icon) WMV.png
[Peone's Signet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Searcher's Seal]
[Sheriff's Jewel]
[Wrangler's Ring]
[Wrangler's Gemstone]



Armadillo Verde
Golden Stingtail (Icon) Crowns.png
Tropical Sky Snake (Icon) Crowns.png

Pet Snacks

Banana Burger
Banana Creole
Banana Kabobs (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Sandwich
Banana Soup (Icon) WMV.png
Breakfast Tacos
Coconutella (Icon) WMV.png
Deep Fried Banana
Fish Fingers
Golden Pineapple
Jelly Rogers (Icon) WMV.png
Junction Jerky
Molten Lava Cake
Mystery Nuggets
Pan Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Stir Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Troggy Taffy (Icon) WMV.png
Wholly Frijoles

Pet Gear



Bucket of Water
Coin Drop Game (Icon) Crowns.png
Cool Ranch Landscape Painting (Icon) WMV.png
Country Chair
Crypt Wall Torch
Dusty Bush
Hay Bale
Hitchin' Post
Lantern Post
Miner's Hat
Patterned Woven Rug (Icon) WMV.png
Rose Bushes
Small Bison Totem
Spare Parts
Tribal Woven Rug
Villa Stone Wall (Icon) WMV.png
Water Trough
Wooden Outhouse


(Dropped by Group Plunder Chests)

Mark of Cool Ranch (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Mark of Death (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Mojo Bolt (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Movement Doubloon (Level 10) (Icon) WMV.png
Tower Shield (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png
Treasure Bath (Icon) WMV.png
Will Doubloon (Level 15) (Icon) WMV.png

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