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Creature:Count Brastillo de Brass (The Antilles Maelstrom)

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(Creature) Count Brastillo de Brass (The Antilles Maelstrom).png


Skull Island - Tradewinds Skyway - The Antilles Maelstrom
On the ship: El Pretension
Minion: Monquistador Crossbowman (El Pretension)

A renegade Monquistan, wanted by the Marleybonian Navy. He and his crew start off behind sandbag walls, and the Count will generally start his turn by dropping bombs on your crew, but sometimes will bomb his own side.

The Count was featured in the December, 2015, Rogue's Gallery: Brastillo was not born into nobility: he was the son of a peasant farmer in the agricultural province of Camargon, one of the last places in Monquista where the desert has not yet devoured all the crop lands. Short of stature (even by Monquistan standards), Brastillo endured the taunting of many bullies as a boy, until he discovered his best weapon against them: his volcanic, irrational rage. When provoked, Brastillo fought like a wild animal, pummeling bullies into submission, no matter how tall.

One day, while visiting Camargon on a tour of the orchards, the great monqistador Goronado happened to witness one of young Brastillo’s fist fights. He took a liking to the boy and his fierce spirit, and took him away to become a soldier and give him a proper outlet for his anger. Brastillo learned the finer points of tactics and swordplay, but found his true calling in the navy, sailing the open skies. Brastillo’s brilliance at naval combat was unmatched – his cunning, fearlessness, and ferocity made him more than a match for any foe, no matter how much he might be outclassed.

During the Polarian War Brastillo served with distinction, defeating dozens of Penguin men-of-war. He won his noble title for his brilliant maneuver at the Battle of Calloo, where his squadron defeated a Polarian fleet three times their numbers. Peace was difficult for Brastillo: he yearned for the thrill of battle, the satisfaction of breaking his enemies and forcing their humiliating surrender.

He continued to serve in the navy, and pulled strings to be assigned to Skull Island, where the competing colonial interests of Monquista and Marleybone filled the skyways with opposing ships, and “accidents” resulting in skirmishes were all too common. Brastillo gained quite a reputation among the ships of the Royal Navy. Indeed, it was the Dogs of Marleybone who gave him his infamous nickname: the Brass Monkey. Brastillo became the most celebrated captain in Skull Island, defeating more than a dozen Marleybonean ships in single combat.

Brastillo was on top of the world, until a brash young pirate changed everything. Defeated and humiliated, Brastillo vanished from Skull Island, abandoning his post in the Monquistan Navy. Now the Brass Monkey sails the skyways as a renegade, devoted to one goal – he will have his vengeance. Oh yes, he will have his vengeance!!!

Remember, orange-named creatures are tougher than you, yellow-named creatures are near your level, and grey-named creatures are weaker than you.
(Creature) Count Brastillo de Brass (The Antilles Maelstrom) 26.png
Level 26 - Monquistan (Musketeer) - Boss
Monquistador Explorer
1,475 Health
Quick Draw (Rank 2)
Double Tap (Rank 1)

Quest Appearances

Monster Squad!

Creature Drops

Gold: 24 - 580 (per creature chest in tactical battleboard combat)


[Able Sailor's Toque] (Icon) WMV.png
[Aboriginal Coronet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Brigadier's Morion] (Icon) WMV.png
[Brigand's Bucket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cavalier's Bascinet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cannoneer's Hat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Colonial's Casque] (Icon) WMV.png
[Duelist's Sallet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Freelancer's Helmet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gold Hunter's Helm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Hunter's Headdress]
[Pirate's Cap] (Icon) WMV.png
[Plunderer's Quill] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ratfink's Headgear]
[Scoundrel's Cap]
[Seer's Brim] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sharkfin Sallet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Skiff Helmet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sky Rover's Sallet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Skyhawk's Sallet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Soldier's Burgonet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Spooky Stovepipe] (Icon) WMV.png
[Subaltern's Sallet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Tracker's Cap] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Toboggan] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vanguard's Skullcap] (Icon) WMV.png


[Brigadier's Hauberk] (Icon) WMV.png
[Broadsworder's Plate]
[Colonial's Kit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Conscript's Plate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Corsair's Outfit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cutthroat's Uniform] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cutthroat's Waistcoat] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dog's Outfit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Enlistee's Scales] (Icon) WMV.png
[Explorer's Breastplate]
[Flynn's Rings] (Icon) WMV.png
[Forage Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Freebooter's Rings] (Icon) WMV.png
[Dacoit's Harness]
[Gaffer's Mail] (Icon) WMV.png
[Gundeck Scales] (Icon) WMV.png
[Hoodoo Garb] (Icon) WMV.png
[Impresario's Breastplate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Kidd's Kit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Madcap's Vest] (Icon) WMV.png
[Maroon's Jacket] (Icon) WMV.png
[Rat's Uniform] (Icon) WMV.png
[Ratfink's Bandolier] (Icon) WMV.png
[Royal Marine's Breastplate] (Icon) WMV.png
[Skyfarer's Topcoat]
[Sky Robber's Garb] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sloop Scales] (Icon) WMV.png
[Sneak's Attire] (Icon) WMV.png
[Squire's Scales] (Icon) WMV.png
[Trader's Kit]
[Trooper's Scales] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Coat]
[Vanguard's Armor]
[Yeoman's Rings] (Icon) WMV.png


[Battery Officer's Boots]
[Castaway's Loafers] (Icon) WMV.png
[Cathead Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Corsair's Shoes] (Icon) WMV.png
[Firstmate's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Firstmate's Leggings] (Icon) WMV.png
[Freebooter's Spurs] (Icon) WMV.png
[Hoodoo Huaraches] (Icon) WMV.png
[Militia Greaves]
[Officer's Slippers] (Icon) WMV.png
[Scoundrels Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Scoundrel's Clogs] (Icon) WMV.png
[Shootist's Shoes] (Icon) WMV.png
[Skyhand's Clogs] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Gaiters] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vagabond's Loafers] (Icon) WMV.png
[Vanguard's Boots] (Icon) WMV.png


[Cutthroat Kit] (Icon) WMV.png
[Hand Blitzers] (Icon) WMV.png
[Mariner's Machete] (Icon) WMV.png
[Skinners] (Icon) WMV.png
[Valencian Duelling Set] (Icon) WMV.png


[Skull Island Earring (Left)] (Icon) WMV.png
[Skull Island Earring (Right)] (Icon) WMV.png
[Skull Island Earrings] (Icon) WMV.png


[Cultist's Tiki] (Icon) WMV.png
[Hawes' Ledger]
[Magician's Charm] (Icon) WMV.png
[Van Fossen's Diary] (Icon) WMV.png


[Death's Boon] (Icon) WMV.png
[Eagle-Eye Amulet] (Icon) WMV.png
[Pendant of Potency] (Icon) WMV.png
[Shooter's Links] (Icon) WMV.png


[Iron Ring] (Icon) WMV.png
[Lion's Ring]
[Polarian Loop]



Quackosaurus (Icon) WMV.png

Pet Snacks

Banana Gumbo (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Kabobs (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Salad (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Soup (Icon) WMV.png
Banana Stew (Icon) WMV.png
Breakfast Tacos
Coconutella (Icon) WMV.png
Deep Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Golden Pineapple (Icon) WMV.png
Jelly Rogers (Icon) WMV.png
Molten Lava Cake (Icon) WMV.png
Mystery Nuggets (Icon) WMV.png
Pan Fried Banana (Icon) WMV.png
Scrimshaw Swiss (Icon) WMV.png
Troggy Taffy (Icon) WMV.png
Tumbleweed Toast (Icon) WMV.png
Watermolen (Icon) WMV.png

Pet Gear



Basic Side Table (Icon) WMV.png
Clockwork Treasure Chest
Crossed Spears and Shield Display (Icon) WMV.png
Embroidered Regal Pillow (Icon) WMV.png
Embroidered Royal Pillow (Icon) WMV.png
Four Shelf Bookcase (Icon) WMV.png
Red Hydra Wall Mount (Icon) WMV.png
Regal Gold Leaf Chair (Icon) WMV.png
Round Stool (Icon) WMV.png
Royal Throw Pillow (Icon) WMV.png
Skull Island Cave Floor (Icon) WMV.png
Skull Island Cave Wallpaper (Icon) WMV.png
Skull Island Tan Brick Wallpaper (Icon) WMV.png
Skull Island Wooden Planks Floor (Icon) WMV.png
Stake Fence


(Dropped by Group Plunder Chests)

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