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NPC:Bonnie Anne

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(NPC) Bonnie Anne.png
(NPC) Bonnie Anne 2.png
(NPC) Bonnie Anne 3.png
Skull Mountain
Tavern Cellar

Description: Courtesy of the August 2013 Pirate101 Newsletter:

Helpful, loyal, and kind are all words used to describe Bonnie Anne, who is a good friend to the pirates of Skull Island, but she also has an interesting past. Born Annie Fox, this bright-eyed Musketeer hails from Albion Skyway in Marleybone. Once a Radical fighter for Albion’s home rule, Bonnie Anne lost heart as the Troubles became more vicious and the vision of the Radicals was corrupted into endless vendetta. Annie cut ties with her family and was smuggled out of Marleybone to Skull Island by persons unknown. When asked about her trip or the details of her past, she refuses to talk about it.
Bonnie Anne arrived in Skull Island with only the clothes on her back, a strange sea chest by her side, and a rusty Thunderbuss over her shoulder. Captain Avery was quick to give her a job as a scout and marksman. Her mysterious sea chest was never seen again, but her trusty Thunderbuss has served her well against the constant threat of Troggy natives.

Known as the following Companions:
Bonnie Anne (Fox Musketeer)
Bonnie Anne (Fox Sharpshooter) (promotion at Level 8)
Bonnie Anne (Fox Sniper) (promotion at Level 31)
Bonnie Anne (Fox Highlander) (promotion at Level 57)

Skull Island - Skull Mountain
Cool Ranch - Miranda
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:

The Gal with the Golden Gun
Troggy Trouble
V for Vulpine

Quest Goals:

Her Majesty's Secret Service
The Gal with the Golden Gun
V for Vulpine

Ends Quests:

A Pirate's Life for You
The Gal with the Golden Gun
V for Vulpine

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