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NPC:Kan Po

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(NPC) Kan Po.png
(NPC) Kan Po 2.png
(NPC) Kan Po 3.png
The Brig
Deck of the Erebus
Tavern Cellar

Description: From his feature in the Rogue's Gallery of the Pirate101 Newsletter in February, 2017: Kan Po has never had a home. The Golden Horde destroyed his home village in his early youth, and the goat has made his own way in the world ever since, following whatever adventures came his way.

For a time he was the servant of a great scholar and read his master’s entire library of ancient philosophy and poetry. After filling his mind with ancient proverbs, Kan Po tried to make his way as a poet himself – he ended up writing short, profound messages to hide inside crunchy confections. But nothing ever worked out, and the penniless goat found himself starving and alone.

A Moodhist monk found Kan Po sitting under a Yum-Yum tree, and was taken with his mastery of ancient lore. He challenged the goat to turn his back on material wealth, to fill his spirit as he had filled his mind. Kan Po took up the challenge, and became a humble monk. He walked the Spiral helping the unfortunate, dispensing ancient wisdom to any who would listen.

Arrested by the Armada for sedition, he would escape thanks to the help of a fellow prisoner, a pirate who would help the monk achieve his destiny...

Known as the following Companions:

Kan Po (Goat Student)
Kan Po (Goat Disciple) (promotion at Level 13)
Kan Po (Goat Master) (promotion at Level 46)

Skull Island - Brig
Skull Island - Deck of the Erebus
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:
Quest Goals:

The Iron Monkey (Witchdoctor)

Ends Quests:

The Iron Monkey (Witchdoctor)

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