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NPC:Mr. Swidget

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(NPC) Mr. Swidget.png
(NPC) Mr. Swidget 2.png
(NPC) Mr. Swidget 3.png
Offices of Mr. Swidget
Visiting Room Six

Description: A solicitor (lawyer) in Marleybone who assists Pirates in gaining access to Catbeard.

Marleybone - The Isle of Dogs - Offices of Mr. Swidget, Esq.
Marleybone - The Glass House - Visiting Room Six
Marleybone - The Glass House
Gives Quests:

A Frog in the Foxhouse
Cats in Glass Houses

Quest Goals:

'Tis to Glory we Steer
The Verdict

Ends Quests:

Yak in Business
A Frog in the Foxhouse

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