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Pirate101 Wiki:2017 Image Upload Contest

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(NPC) Wood Guardian.png

Image Upload Contest


There are always pages needing images on the wiki, and we'd love to bring in an influx of images to the Pirate101 Wiki!

Related discussion on the forums can be found here.


1) Upload Images that are currently missing (appear as red links) or are outdated in the Wiki.
2) Images uploaded must be properly named, .png files.
3) You must categorize the images you upload correctly.
4) Images must be cropped to a decent size and be decent screen captures. No editing or artwork should be added to the image.
5) No copying others' images.
6) Each correctly uploaded image gives you 1 point, the winners will be those that have accumulated the most points.

Points are at the discretion of the Wiki Masters. If we feel an image is of poor quality(or was unneeded), we will delete the picture and points will not be given.

  • Contest starts at 1:00PM Eastern (10:00am Pacific) October 19th and ends at 7:00PM Eastern (4:00PM Pacific) October 31st.


1st place: 25,000 Crowns
2nd place: 15,000 Crowns
3rd place: 10,000
4th & 5th places: 5,000 Crowns

(Item) Bobby Bones' Hand.png

Contest Standings

This Contest is Now CLOSED!
Total Upload Count as of Monday, Oct 31, at midnight: 1,235


Username Uploads Place
monkeypoos 526 1st
Logan 384 (-1 Uncategorized) 2nd
Hamtime2 209 (-3 Uncategorized) 3rd
Hilda Striker 44 4th
Avery Court Grace 37 (-1 Uncategorized) 5th
koalabear567 33
ShadowPhoenix 1
dammysoccer 1

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