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(Icon) MainPage Companions.png Companions are the NPCs that follow you around, take part in the storyline, help you with quests, and assist you in Battleboard Combat.

As you level and complete quests you gain Training Points, which you can use to advance the level of your Companions. Higher level companions learn more Talents and when they reach certain levels, you can promote them to make them more powerful and grant them additional Epic Talents!

You acquire Companions primarily by completing Quests, both storyline and otherwise. You can purchase additional companions in the Crown Shop.

You have several options for how you want to manage your crew in combat that can be selected in your settings.

  • In Order: Companions will only show in the order that you have them in your companion management screen. This typically includes the first 3 companions.
  • First Mate: Your First Mate will always show in combat, the rest of your combat-ready companions will be selected randomly for combat.
  • Random: All of your combat-ready companions are randomly selected for combat.

Companions also can be given orders that can benefit both you and your companions by providing various amounts of Companion Experience, Nautical Experience, Items, and Gold. To learn more about these tasks see the Companion Orders Page.

Below are some useful categories for Companions!

Companion Categories

Companions Any Class Companions
Class Restricted Companions
Companions by How Acquired Companions Sorted by Class

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