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Ships are the primary method by which Pirates navigate the Skyways and Stormgates to travel around the Spiral, beginning with the Raft acquired from Captain Avery at about Level 4.

Ship Stats

Confronting Ships and Creatures is one of the major challenges a pirate will face in the game, but rewards from these encounters are quite beneficial, such as experience and item drops. Sinking enemy ships increases Nautical Experience, and wins gold and possibly some Scrip, and sometimes Ship Equipment, while the skyway creatures and those battled on deck can drop gold and personal equipment for your pirate. Increasing the important Nautical Experience for your Pirate allow upgrades to better Ships and Ship Equipment.

Ships have basic attributes that determine how well it will do against enemy ships in ship-to-ship combat:

Accuracy: Chance of hitting the enemy with the ship's default cannon shots

Defense: Chance of avoiding an enemy cannon shot

Hull Armor: Reduces damage done by enemy hits

Damage: Range of possible damage done by the ship's default cannon shots

Hull Integrity: Basic ship health

Larger ships will have better stats, and adding equipment with better stats can increase the ship's ability to survive combat and sink the enemy ship.

Ship Sizes

There are four basic ship sizes: Raft, Skiff, Frigate and Galleon. The size of the ship, as well as Origin and the pirate's Nautical Level, will determine whether certain equipment will be able to be equipped. Raft equipment, for example, cannot be equipped onto a Skiff.

Lighter ships can be faster and more maneuverable than heavier ships, being able to dart in and out of the patrol routes of enemies, and have a tighter turning radius. Heavier ships will have greater Hull Integrity and be able to take more damage before being boarded or sunk.

Ship Categories

New ships can be purchased from Vendors throughout the Spiral using Gold, or from the Crown Shop using Crowns. These are known as the Equip-able Ships.

Both Enemy Ships and NPC Ships can have Creatures that you may encounter if Boarding occurs. Boarding is when one of the two ships in battle will have its health decreased into the yellow zone, and either the enemy will initiate or the player can click "X" to Board the enemy. Most Enemy Ships will attack in you in Broadside Combat if you approach them too closely, but some ships cannot be sunk, and must be boarded to attack and battle on deck. These ships are labeled Unsinkable.

Enemy Ships NPC Ships Equip-able Ships
Ship Vendors

Ship Equipment

As a pirate navigates to new Worlds, they will discover new Ship Origins and have the option upgrade from the Pirate Origin ships of Skull Island to different styles and sizes of ships. Different Origins mean that certain items of Ship Equipment will only fit certain Origin ships, such as the Armor and Sails. Pressing "E" will open the Ship Equipment Interface and allow the player to review all ships and equipment in the pirate's possession.

After reaching Level 15 and purchasing a Deed from the Crown Shop, the player can "park" and display up to five Ships at each Home through the Shipyard storage option in the "Place Housing Items" interface.

Pirates can also enter the Cabin of their Ships whenever docked, to place items and decorate inside, or to access the Bank and Shared Bank. Cabin upgrades are available in the Crown Shop and the Black Market.

Ship Cabins
Figure Heads

Ship Names

Ships generally receive randomized names when awarded through questing, but Ship Names can be selected when purchasing. Louie Couleur in Skull Island Dock can sell pirates a "dye-job" or "name-change" for their ship if they have sufficient Gold. The higher the level of the ship, the more the changes will cost.

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Ship Names

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