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Quest:Dixie Chicks

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Go West, Young Pirate!

Given By: Prospector Zeke

Giver Location: Gold Creek
This is a side quest.


Search for the
Boot Hill Chick in (Boot Hill Docks)
Scorpion Rock Cave Chick in (Scorpion Rock Cave)
Castillo Sapo Chick in (Castillo Sapo)
Banditoad Gulch Chick in (Banditoad Gulch)
Solitude Chick in (Solitude)
Medicine Show Chick in (Traveling Medicine Show)
Old Chirp Place Chick in (The Old Chirp Place)
Old Jailhouse Chick in (Old Jailhouse)
Abandoned Church Chick in (Abandoned Church (Zone))
Motherlode Mine Chick in (Motherlode Mine)
Talk to Prospector Zeke in Gold Creek

Hand In: Prospector Zeke


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(Icon) Practice Point.png
Book 5, Chapter 9
(Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-1.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-2.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-3.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-4.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-5.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-6.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-7.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-8.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-9.png (Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 1-10.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Goal 2.png

Leads to:


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(Quest) Dixie Chicks Dialogue 1.png

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(Quest) Dixie Chicks Dialogue 3.png

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Dialogue 4.png

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The player arrow on the map is where that specific Dixie Chick is located.

Boot Hill Docks:

The Boot Hill Docks Dixie Chick is located just outside Skreech's Cave.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 1.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 1a.png

Scorpion Rock Cave:

The Scorpion Rock Cave Dixie Chick is located to the right as you enter, behind a rock.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 2.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 2a.png

Castillo Sapo:

The Castillo Sapo Dixie Chick is located at the back of the Fortress, next to a cactus.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 3.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 3a.png

Banditoad Gulch:

The Banditoad Gulch Dixie Chick is located behind El Guapo's hideout.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 4.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 4a.png


The Solitude Dixie Chick is located at the Deserted Wagon Train, in a small niche behind the cave in the rock, to the upper left of the island. You must have accepted and done most of the quest The Legend of Burly's Gold to unlock the sigil, and complete the first battle in the Instance in order to access it.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 5.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 5a.png

Traveling Medicine Show:

The Traveling Medicine Show Dixie Chick is located aboard the ship docked behind the tents.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 6.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 6a.png

The Old Chirp Place:

The Old Chirp Place Dixie Chick is located behind the stables.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 7.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 7a.png

Old Jailhouse:

The Old Jailhouse Dixie Chick is located up toward the back of the island near a broken wall.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 8.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 8a.png

Abandoned Church (Zone):

The Abandoned Church (Zone) Dixie Chick is located behind the church.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 9.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 9a.png

Motherlode Mine:

The Motherlode Mine Dixie Chick is located in an alcove that is accessible after blowing up the minecart, found by veering to the left on your way down to the battle.

(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 10.png(Quest) Dixie Chicks Guide 10a.png

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