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Quest:Into the Skull Cave

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Note: This Quest used to give the Badge "Skull Mountain Scoundrel". It was removed from the rewards at an unknown time and the Badge is now considered retired. Pirates who earned the Badge before its removal were allowed to keep the Badge. This Quest needs dialogue images and/or text.


Live and Let Livsey

Given By: Ensign Livsey

Giver Location: Skull Mountain
This is a storyline quest.


Defeat the Cutthroats
Talk to Ensign Livsey
Search for the Hidden Passageway
in the Skull Cave
Clear the Vines
Explore the Throne Room Entrance
in the Temple of Gloom
Talk to Sergeant Shepherd
Defeat the Cutthroats and
Gather the Temple Key
Defeat the Troggies in the Flooded Shrine
Talk to Sergeant Shepherd
Find Fin Dorsal in The Throne Room
Defeat Fin Dorsal
Collect the Jade Amulet
Talk to Captain Avery in
Captain Avery's Office

Hand In: Captain Avery


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Book 1, Introduction
(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 1.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 2.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 3.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 4.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 5.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 6.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 7.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 8.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 9.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 10.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 11.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 12.png(Quest) Into the Skull Cave Goal 13.png

Leads to:

A Good Ship? (storyline)
Lost and Found (side quest in Temple of Gloom)
Silly Pet Tricks (side quest in Avery's Court)
Home Sweet Home (side quest in Avery's Court)
A Flask of Pure Gold (side quest in Skull Island Weapon Shop Remmington's Steel

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