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Quest:Quid Pro Quo

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This Image Stub needs missing dialogue images for companions after defeating guards, updated image for Dead Mike.


Belly Aches

Given By: Frogfather

Giver Location: Gullet
This is a storyline quest.


Locate Hidden Dock in The Presidio
Attain the Spices in The Presidio (Complete The Presidio Job)
Head to Gullet
Talk to Frogfather (Recruit Companion based on how your parents died)

Hand In: Frogfather


(Icon) Gold.png
(Icon) XP.png
Book 1, Chapter 0
(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Goal 1.png(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Goal 2.png(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Goal 3.png(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Goal 4.png

(Icon) Companion.png
Lucky Jack Russell (Dog Pirate)
(Icon) Companion.png
Dead Mike (Undead Pirate)
(Icon) Companion.png
Birgus Latro (Crab Thug)
(Icon) Companion.png
Gaspard De Vole (Guinea Pig Guard)
(Icon) Companion.png
Milo Graytail (Rat Brigand)

Completing this quest leads to acquiring the Pirate Adventurer Badge.

Leads to:

The Presidio Job (instance)
One-Eyed Jacks Are Wild (storyline)
A Dash of Bitters (side quest in Remington's Steel)
A Fair Trade (side quest in Gullet)
Here Comes Trouble (side quest in Gullet)
The MooShu Falcon (side quest in Skull Island (Zone))
The Stench of Betrayal (side quest in the Golden Fin)
To Teach, With Yum (side quest in The Golden Fin)

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(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 1.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 2.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 3.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 4.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 5.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 6-1.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 6-2.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 6-3.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 6-4.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 6-5.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 7.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 8.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 9-1.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 9-2.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 9-3.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 9-4.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 9-5.png

(Quest) Quid Pro Quo Dialogue 10.png

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