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  1. The Guardians of the Functuons of the Universe- An Explanation

    Guardians of the Functions of the Universe

    As some of you likely are aware, The Guardians of the Functions of the Universe are a key point in Maelstrom of the Measureless, my most current roleplay in the forums. While I'm pretty certain I wasn't too ridiculously vague with my information about them, I've decided to write a full blog post explaining their purposes, their relations, some of their history, and how they and their duties play a part in keeping the Spiral functioning and ...

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  2. Character Q&A

    I've been seeing a lot of these popping up on blogs, so I decided to make one myself. :P

    Ask my many characters anything you want! XD Just don't be inappropriate. :P You can ask silly questions, questions that upset my characters, or really just something you're curious about. :P I might even draw something for a response sometimes!

    So, ask away! (Check my character profiles for reference if you need to XD)
  3. Any Questions

    This is a bit of a post regarding any questions there are about my characters and me. XD I'll likely answer most questions, save for personal ones. So, shoot. :P I'll go ahead and answer some questions I get asked more than usual.

    Q: What fandoms are you in?
    A: Well, Dangan Ronpa, Aura Kingdom, Pirate/Wizard101, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Attack on Titan, Black Rock Shooter, Homestuck (sort of), and RWBY are the ones that come to mind at the moment. :P

    Q: Why do you ...
  4. Welcome to the blog of your signature nerd, Sakura

    Hello hello hello, all.

    If you're unfamiliar with me, well, that's odd. I've been here for nearly two years. Where've you been? XD

    Now, some of you might still remember me as Highlander. (The Highlander Fox of Avalon on the message boards) Please, I'd prefer to be addressed as Sakura, Miko, or simply Emma. I'm a lot more comfortable with it.

    I've been posting Roleplays since forever, so...yea. I'm a writer and artist (though I don't see any talent with either ...