Q&A Sessions:

Q&A Sessions will be used to created scenarios with role-playing character, pirate101 game characters, or story characters and asking them questions about them.

  1. Q&A Session with: Cadel

    by , 12-02-2014 at 09:20 AM (A Mocca82 Blog, the writer who likes to be inspired.)
    Greetings P101central,

    Today I am going to start my first blog and it will be *looks at the title* ah that's right, a QandA Session. And not just any Q&A for the way I am going to do this requires interactiveness. This is how it is going to work...

    1. Picture yourself in a comfortable room. You are sitting on the couch, before you is a small table with whatever you can imagine to be on there. Sitting right across from you is Cadel, now don't worry he is your friend ...

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    Q&A Sessions: