Ezio Aditore

  1. Manarfell

    Manarfell: The origin.

    A long, LONG time ago, deep in the forests of Grizzleheim, there used to be many tribes full of Canisapiens. Despite their somewhat warlike habits, they lived in peace. That is, until an organization of people who specialize in killing magical beings and selling the loot, known as the Hunters, started to target Canisapiens for their magic hide. Even though the Canisapiens were powerful in their numbers, the Hunters knew their weaknesses. Within

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  2. Character Q&A

    I've seen some other users with Q&As for their characters, so I decided to make my own. So now you can ask my characters questions about them. I'll be answering your questions in a First-Person perspective of them, unless it's a question that they wouldn't, or couldn't, answer. In that case, I'll answer the questions in Third-Person.

    Special thanks to Sakura no Miko and The Hoodoo Master for their donations so that I could make this.