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  1. My Christmas Wish-list.

    by , 12-10-2012 at 04:09 PM (A day in the life of flash.)
    For those of you curious as to what I would like to get for christmas, look below.

    My Christmas Wish-list

    -A new computer.
    -Pokemon: Battle Revolution
    -Some decent video-recording software.
    -A Microphone (in case I decide to do some let's plays w/ commentary, sing some songs, talk on ***** (if I get an account there that is), etc).
    -Pokemon Black 2
    -Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5 (the first ultimate ninja game not released in the US). ...

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  2. My reasoning for being so uptight about players refusing to test things out first.

    by , 12-09-2012 at 04:52 PM (A day in the life of flash.)
    Some of you may be aware that I tend to get annoyed when I see people post/hear people say how they hate a certain game yet they ultimately refuse to even try it out for themselves first. Well here's why I get so annoyed with those kinds of people.

    First off, unlike what some people say, you CANNOT judge a game soley based on pictures, commercials, reviews, etc. alone, as they only show you part of what a game has to offer, NOT the whole entire game. It's kind of like going to see ...

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  3. Flash Reviews: Time That is Left by Mark Schultz.

    by , 12-08-2012 at 04:11 PM (A day in the life of flash.)
    Welcome everyone to my next review (review #2) and this time it's actually not a game review, but a song review of the song called Time that is Left, written and performed by Contemporary Christian artist Mark Schultz.

    My history with this song

    I have a very fond history with this song. Since I'm a born Christian, I naturally grew up listening to different songs by many different christian artists, groups and bands, ...
  4. Flash Reviews: Heros of Newerth

    by , 11-29-2012 at 01:33 AM (A day in the life of flash.)
    Welcome to my first review of flash reviews. In this post, I will be reviewing the MOBA game (multiplayer online battle arena) called Heros of Newerth (HoN for short) made by S2 Games.


    The basic premise revolves around 2 teams of 5 (or 3 depending on the map) heros each, the legion (lighter team, mostly comprised of units such as pyromancers, forest keepers, good wildlife, more lush and ravagant, etc.) and the hellbourne (darker team, mostly comprised of grewsome monsters, ...

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  5. Do's and Dont's of gaming.

    by , 11-27-2012 at 11:02 PM (A day in the life of flash.)
    I figured I'd go ahead and write a little list about what gamers need to keep in mind when playing or reviewing games. Feel free to add your own ideas to the list so long as they're reasonable ones.

    -Play games that interst you and/or look interesting enough to at least try out at first.
    -Offer tips, strategies and ideas for games you like to play.
    -Be respectful to other players views on games (depending on what views they are that is).
    -Offer Cnc ...