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  1. Q&A Session with: Cadel

    by , 12-02-2014 at 09:20 AM (A Mocca82 Blog, the writer who likes to be inspired.)
    Greetings P101central,

    Today I am going to start my first blog and it will be *looks at the title* ah that's right, a QandA Session. And not just any Q&A for the way I am going to do this requires interactiveness. This is how it is going to work...

    1. Picture yourself in a comfortable room. You are sitting on the couch, before you is a small table with whatever you can imagine to be on there. Sitting right across from you is Cadel, now don't worry he is your friend ...

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    Q&A Sessions:
  2. Interview: Cunning Hunter Sharp (Q&A)

    Q: Who were your parents?

    A: Well, they were both former Valencian scholars who fled once the Armada began taking over. After fleeing to Skull Island, Avery took them in. My dad was a valuable member to his crew. You see, he wasn’t only a physicist, my father had also served in the Polarian War. He used his knowledge as a physicist to refine weapons. Giving them sharper blades or a more balanced weight. He would take cheap weapons and make them perfect. Selling them for often
  3. Shadow's Guide to RolePlay Lore: Events.

    {NOTE: This blog will often be heavily edited, and many descriptions will change as people add suggestions, things will be added, and in some cases may be omitted. So be sure to check often in case things have changed.}

    ATTENTION: So I've recently decided that, instead of creating one massive hard-to-navigate-blog-post, I'll be making several smaller blog-posts for each category. This will be the "events" category post.

    I encourage everyone to post in the comments ...

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  4. Essentially

    From the J Todd Coleman AMA:

    [QUOTE]Jedi Academy taught me a lot of things. It taught me how to be a Jedi. It taught me how to be a Sith. It taught me that the path of evil is vastly harder than the path of good because you won't have your nakama help you on your journey and you still have to fight those who are evil. It's not a polar shift, it's just a move from community to being an outcast. If you surrender your status of knight and journey into dark forces, you will end up with ...
  5. Flash Reviews: Free Realms (first impressions).

    by , 01-05-2013 at 05:28 PM (A day in the life of flash.)
    Welcome everyone to my first impressions review on Free Realms, made by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE for short).


    Free Realms is an online virtual world where you can do almost anything you'd like. There are many different "jobs" that you can take on, including but not limited to brawler, chef, card duelist, blacksmith and a demo (demolition) derby driver. Each one has it's own unique storyline so-to-speak, and you can choose to do whichever one you want ...

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