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  1. Woot! Entire week off

    by , 10-31-2012 at 01:44 PM (Let's Talk...)
    just got an email saying that school won't resume until Monday :P
    Guess Sandy took down our school REAL good
  2. Woot! 4 day weekend

    by , 10-27-2012 at 07:54 PM (Let's Talk...)
    well, our school's laptop contributor just sent out any email saying school will be closed due to the possible weather conditions from "Frankenstorm." anyways, it seems good, but ... the first quarter of the marking period will end on a day I couldn't get my last grades in D: Now my report card will look ridiculous with B's on it. I'm a straight A student, and this is quite embarrassing that I started off sophomore year of high school badly. >_<'
  3. Promotional Map Hidden Messages Revealed

    So, on the map that was sent out to people through the postal service, there are several sentences scattered about in a foreign spiral language. I have deciphered these, and they are as thus:

    Top of Map: Dress your best for the royalty of Monquista
    Top Right Paragraph: From the journal of Marco Pollo - In my voyage across the spiral, on the world of Mooshu, I discovered a powerful and invaluable treasure: selfless loyalty, in the form of a pledge of service to any who decipher ...
  4. Marco Pollo's Map Promotion

    I just got my map from my letterbox and am very excited. It is high gloss, on thick paper which means it is durable. However, it is perforated so any tugging will rip it apart easily -- making it less durable that it should be. I got my codes and redeemed 2 of them (not sure what to do with the other 2 yet), and I got to read the special letter from Marco Pollo to Headmaster Ambrose. I wonder when we will actually be able to go to El Dorado and see the wonders and horrors described in the letter. ...
  5. P-arrrrrr-ty like a pirate!

    So here is a list of all my pirates. Feel free to say hi if you see me roaming the skyways.

    Dashing Destiny Devereaux - Swashbuckler (my main)
    Merciless Madison Moone - Witchdoctor
    Sly Sally Shefield - Musketeer
    Two-Faced Tasha Templeton - Privateer
    Greedy Genevieve Goode - Buccaneer
    Charming Chase Chaimberlain - Swashbuckler
    Wicked Warwick Web - Witchdoctor
    Quick Quinn Quentin - Musketeer
    Fearless Felix Fisher - Privateer
    Black ...