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  1. Piratical Lingo

    Ahoy, mateys! So, I be findin' meself with this grand new blog ta be writin', an' not a single blasted thing ta be writin' about, what with Pirate101 yet ta set sail. But I'm not the sort who lets havin' nothin' ta say get in tha way of sayin' it. So, I'll be writin' this entry 'pon tha subject of tha piratical idiom of speech, because I really have nothin' better ta be doin'. Oh, an' at this point I'll be droppin' tha piratey mode of writin', as if I have to do one more sentance like this I may ...
  2. We be sailing the high seas!

    by , 05-08-2012 at 10:19 PM (Let's Talk...)
    Nah, my high sea is yer low sea! XD get it? high C, low C? anyways, I'll cut the humor for now. This is my first blog entry & I am the 2nd person to make blog entries as of now on Pirate101 Central. I gotta say, it's quite nifty for Jester to be really generous to make all the contestants, myself as one of them, of the "New Ranking Symbols" project as I like to call it earn 200 FG & this blog here! anyways, I'll be posting some memo here, prob some catchphrase, joke, or word of ...
  3. Second Entry

    Ahoy! Welcome to my second blog entry!
    Owl Eyes here, to talk about basically anything that happens!
    I have a little story to tell, so read on, or go back to whatever you were doing before this! Whichever, really..
    Anyways, I think this story will be starting from when I woke up to one of the strangest days ever, and yes, that day was today.
    I woke up at 5:00 a.m. (My normal time, for me) And I walked to the kitchen,
    (I hope you will forgive me, but I WAS very tired..) ...

    Updated 05-02-2012 at 11:43 PM by Owl Eyes

  4. First Entry/Introduction.

    First Blog Entry!

    Shiver me timbers! Look at all the new crew members!
    It's great to see all the familiar members from Wizard101 Central!
    All things are buzzing with many new posts and more members coming every day!
    Now, as this is my first blog post, I should probably say what I'll be talking about..
    I'll be talking about nearly anything that happens to me, or just keep my blog busy with Central-related topics.
    This certain post is basically
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