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  1. Magical Thinking:Low Magic PART 4

    In the scope of Low Magic,also known as witchcraft,one may group a very large variety of practices.This includes a whole plethora of magics,that for obvious reasons cannot be all put into play here.However,for the sake of conversation,we will attribute a variety of properties to so-called Low Magics.

    -They require study,and dedication,however,through various spiritual gifts this may be bypassed
    -They do not consist of an organized system of pathworkings,but are rather subjective,and ...

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  2. Magical Thinking:Left and Right Hands PART 3

    We have already discussed High and Low Magic,and their applications from a perspective without bias,which is why now we may insert and analyze from a more philosophical and moral point of view.The intent of this is not to convince the magician to be either Black or White,as the true Magician practices both,and walks the Grey Magic line.This post simply has the intent to introduce the ideas of the two paths.

    We'll start by saying that morality is never a simple philosophical thing,and ...
  3. Magical Thinking:High Magic PART 2

    In the scope of High Magic also known as Wizardry,one may group:Spiritual Magic,Elemental Magic,and Sorcery.

    Put simply,we will evaluate what makes High Magic.The characteristics of High Magic is that:
    -It requires study,and can only be achieved as such
    -It is a developed,reproducible,system of magic that anyone with proper devotion may achieve
    -It comes from a history of restriction,before it was taught in schools
    -It contains various stepping stones and pedestals ...
  4. Magical Thinking:What is Magic? PART 1

    I tend to get this question a lot.

    As Pirate101 Central's leading expert on the metaphysical and the supermundane,you will find that I am not surprised.We are scientific beings,in the sense that we require rational explanations for observations,and proof,evidence,as a consequence of experimantation that will prove the reality of what is hypothesized.

    Mind you,the entirety of this conversation,is in a fantastical context.While references to real world philosophy,definitions,religions,mythologies,etc. ...
  5. My latest costumes are gonna be featured on Spiral Radio 101!

    by , 06-03-2015 at 09:05 PM (A day in the life of flash.)
    Hello everyone.

    So you may have seen my latest two costumes on the Ravenwood Radio Podcast hosts of old (if not, then you can check them out here). Well I sent them to Spiral Radio 101 (the spiritual successor/combination of both Ravenwood Radio and Pieces of Eight Radio) via an email and I recently heard back from Steven Spiritcaller on them which you can see below:

    Now this ...