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  1. Lords of the Well:Akil the Spymaster

    He follows you around
    He watches your every move
    He reads your every letter
    And he's listening to you
    He knows exactly where you are
    And everything you do
    He's a stalker some may say
    But they haven't got a clue
    So if you think your being watched
    And spied on in your home
    Remember to thank the Well of Spirits everyday
    For watching you everyday

    The final of the Lords who is not a Krok,is Akil the Spymaster.One of the few ...
  2. The Corsair's Files Q&A

    by , 06-01-2015 at 07:34 PM (The Drakon's Hoard)
    Well, I recently got a blog on here, so I had spent some time asking myself what I wanted my first post to be. In the end, since these seem like they're pretty popular, I decided to make a Q&A for my own characters!

    I'm sure you know how this works. You leave a question for my characters, and they'll answer it to the best of their abilities. Now, I won't let them give out spoilers, but just about any other question is fair game. Ask away!

    Note: As my character profiles ...
  3. Lords of the Well: Dakarai Setu the Chaos Lord

    ''The Sssnake Prince of Hyssarik is coming this way!
    ‚ÄčNothing can ssstop him from appearing today!
    He hears usss,
    he lissstens,
    he feeds off your Pain.
    He cares not if looked on with fear or dissdain!
    The Lossst King of Troy sees Chaos in all things!
    He has seen the Fall of Babalon and overthrew a lineage of Kings!
    What is it he wantss?
    That we cannot say.
    For he's bound by Crone's dealingsss, and she playss him Today!''
  4. Lords of the Well:Sanura Miw-Sher the Alchemist

    We have spoken of the hierarchy of the Well of Spirits on many occasions.The first of the Lords that we will speak of,is Sanura Miw-Sher,the Alchemist.She is the lord of the well,that I know best,because she's my character.Like most of the Lords of the Well,we know very little of her,as she is shrouded in mystery.

    They say she was born in Meowcca,many many centuries ago.She was sent with her mother into desert-life as she lost her father,and she was orphaned when said mother died of ...
  5. Character Q&A

    I've been seeing a lot of these popping up on blogs, so I decided to make one myself. :P

    Ask my many characters anything you want! XD Just don't be inappropriate. :P You can ask silly questions, questions that upset my characters, or really just something you're curious about. :P I might even draw something for a response sometimes!

    So, ask away! (Check my character profiles for reference if you need to XD)